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What happens if we Take Charge of our Spiritual Growth?

RELATIVELY FEW PEOPLE attempt to pursue spiritual growth actively, because life focuses our attention on our material selves—careers, wealth, and pleasures.

But deep within yourself, you may feel that life is more than simply these material things.

Consider the possibility that all of us are spiritual children growing in love. Before us lies the possibility of pursuing

  • wisdom, integrity, courage, creativity, peace, empathy, generosity, honesty, compassion, joy, strength, originality, forgiveness, loyalty, truth, beauty, goodness, and much more.

Each of us may be thought of as a spiritual being, living this life in a material body. This material life is the beginning of an ongoing spiritual adventure in the discovery and experience of love.

Love is the grand sum of the highest ideal qualities.

Some of these beautiful qualities may arise in our lives almost accidentally, as a side effect of the lives we live. However, any of us can choose to take charge of our own spiritual growth.

Spiritual growth is

  • an adventure in becoming a person who cares about others.
  • an adventure that challenges us in ways perhaps far beyond our material existence. 
  • a series of individual choices, made a multitude of times. 

If we choose to pursue our own spiritual growth, we will become more and more like our ideal selves. And that will ensure that we live a meaningful, happy, and fulfilled life.

How Do We Grow Spiritually?

About Us

We are a group of spiritual adventurers sharing our ideas about how to grow spiritually and experience joy in a world that sometimes feels so difficult.

We offer ideas based on our own experience. We do our best to give you simple descriptions, explanations, examples, and exercises.

We promise: no obligation to us on your part, no cost, nothing to join, nothing you must profess to believe, no attempt to convert you. We simply want to share what we have discovered; you can use whatever works for you.

May you grow in the joy of living!


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