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Discover the world's first continuous online multimedia platform supporting the discovery of the teachings of The Urantia Book!   

This program is fully managed by volunteers. The team consists of six developers and over one hundred contributors and collaborators working around the clock to produce a twenty-four-hour Urantia broadcast. 

Expenses for the Urantia TV-Urantia Book Fellowship program partnership include: webhosting, video and audio equipment, video editing and production software, streaming service, video conference support, and other web services. This year the team will surpass one thousand unique videos and programs broadcast on online.

Watch the video below to learn about this amazing program:

Urantia TV 


Join us in making an impact. 

  • $20 - Make a gift to support production expenses for one episode
  • $100 - Produce a week of 24-hour programming
  • $500 -  Produce a month of 24-hour programming
  • $6000 - UrantiaTV Angel,  sponsor the full team for another year of 24-hour programming

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Urantia Television multimedia project (Urantia TV) was an idea born in early 2018.  As costs of video sharing and hosting technology reached sustainable levels, the founders of Radio Urantia decided to launch the ambitious project of creating the "first Urantian online television channel."   

Urantia.TV started as a website where the best videos and Urantia Book based youtubers of that time were shared. At the beginning of 2020, exclusive videos for this platform began to be produced and broadcast live. To improve the content and make them more interactive and engaging, the team began to leverage a video creation service called Streamyard, which motivated a series of online courses to teach creatives in the community how to make their own content.

Image: video production in action

During the year 2021 the Urantia TV project became a reference on content based on The Urantia Book by integrating into all current social networks, synchronizing the live broadcasts that are transmitted on our portal synchronously with Facebook, Youtube, Twitch ,and Twitter, resulting in more effective dissemination of the teachings of The Urantia Book.

In 2022, Urantia TV has revamped its image in order to present itself as a more modern and dynamic broadcast, achieving continuous twenty-four-hour transmission of different content including: live and recorded programs, music, and informative videos about The Urantia Book. To achieve this major step, it was necessary to hire the services of an innovative platform called VDO Panel which allows the administration of a constant programming of audio and video. All this has allowed to motivate the creatives, producers, and collaborators of Urantia TV to remain at the forefront of multimedia creation, constantly growing and developing new skills with the aim of generating more and better content based on The Urantia Book.

Urantia TV - Regular Programs

Check out some of the many regular programs on the channel.

Urantia en Vivo is a Live show conducted by Jorge Arcega and deals with trending topics in the Urantian community, it is a twice weekly program. 

No Strings Attached is a biweekly show conducted by Cami Becerra a young Colombian reader in her 20’s and deals with  personal experience topics in the Urantian community, how she has dealt with those issues. 

A Recipe to Survive is a show conducted by Jorge Arcega.  It is a recipe on how to survive in the ascenders career, how to apply the teachings in the UB and share them in Love and service.  It is broadcast twice a week. 

Urantia Games Weekly is a show for fun using boardgames designed or adapted to test your knowledge on the Urantia Book.  Prepare for  Scrabble, Mexican Lottery, Snakes and Ladders, and fun!  The program is conducted by Agustin Arellano. 

Urantia In Touch is a panel of readers discussing different topics from the reading the Urantia Book such as the future of the fifth epochal revelation, Angels, miracles, and near-death experiences. It airs biweekly. 

Planet Urantia: Unfiltered is a program on difficult topics such as abortion, eugenics, racism etc. it is aired every week.  It was previouisly hosted on Radio Urantia and is conducted by Jorge Arcega. 

Jaime Rey Albornoz Lectures This show highlights the past lectures of Jaime Rey, a Colombian reader who has an online school and hundreds of followers to his ideas on the fifth epochal revelation.  He is a former Mormon bishop. 

Reading comments from our Youtube channel The program discusses comments from the Youtube channel answering quesitons and giving a chance to relate to our fans and followers. 

Urantia Online Lectures is a weekly study group discussing a different paper every time.  It is one of the most viewed programs, led by Jaime  Rey but having guest presenters too. 


Get Involved

Are you inspired? Do you have a great idea? Programs can be presented in English or Spanish.  

Special Thanks

Extra appreciation is given to the visionary leadership of our long-time friends Augustin Arellano and the supporting cast of extended family in Groupo Orvonton.

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