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Cosmic Citizen radio

A Spirituality Podcast for Truth Seekers

Are you ready to courageously follow your own sense of mercy, justice, and truth? Are you searching for religious teachings that make sense? Are you having a hard time accepting teachings which seem spiritually unholy and untruthful? Then, have we got a show for you! The Cosmic Citizen is a show for progressive religionists and spiritual people who are ready to find a spirituality worthy of an age of science and enlightenment.

Our hosts, Paula Thompson, Andre Radatus , Chuck Thurston and Marvin Gawryn are ministers, students and scholars of The Urantia Book, all with at least four decades of experience with it. We sometimes interview guests on topics related to modern and progressive spirituality, but most often we explore The Urantia Book together on air. We embrace diversity, civil and intelligent dialogue, and a willingness to serve a purpose that is true, beautiful and good. Please join us!

Urantia Paper 9 - Relation of the Infinite Spirit to the Universe - Section 1. Attributes

We begin our study of Urantia Paper 9, Relation of the Infinite Spirit to the Universe, with the introductory section followed by§1. Attributes of the Third Source and Center.

A STRANGE thing occurred when, in the presence of Paradise, the Universal Father and the Eternal Son unite to personalize themselves. Nothing in this eternity situation foreshadows that the Conjoint Actor would personalize as an unlimited spirituality co-ordinated with absolute mind and endowed with unique prerogatives of energy manipulation. His coming into being completes the Father’s liberation from the bonds of centralized perfection and from the fetters of personality absolutism. And this liberation is disclosed in the amazing power of the Conjoint Creator to create beings well adapted to serve as ministering spirits even to the material creatures of the subsequently evolving universes.

...The Conjoint Actor possesses unique prerogatives of synthesis, infinite capacity to co-ordinate all existing universe energies, all actual universe spirits, and all real universe intellects; the Third Source and Center is the universal unifier of the manifold energies and diverse creations which have appeared in consequence of the divine plan and the eternal purpose of the Universal Father. 9:0.1–2 (98.1–2)

The Third Source and Center is known by many names, all designative of relationship and in recognition of function: ..he is the personality co-ordinate and divine equal of God the Son and God the Father. ,he is an omnipresent spiritual influence. ...he is the ancestor of the power-control creatures and the activator of the cosmic forces of space. ...he is the joint representative and partnership executive of the Father-Son. ...he is the source of the endowment of intellect throughout the universes. ...he is the apparent ancestor of motion, change, and relationship. 9:1.1(98.6)

Please come join us!

About the Hosts

Paula Thompson, Co-host

Paula Thompson began studying The Urantia Book early in 1976, when she committed her life to personal spiritual growth and ministry.  In 1983, Paula began coordinating and facilitating public outreach with The Urantia Book. Since then, she has traveled extensively in the USA, Asia, Africa, Australia, Europe, and Central and South America publicly introducing the book. She co-founded and has hosted The Cosmic Citizen since 2008.

In 1989, she went to work for the Jesusonian Foundation and served as Executive Director there until 2006. She managed outreach activities, book distribution, and the Good Cheer Catalog of Urantia study aids and supportive works. She also oversaw the development of numerous outreach efforts, most notably the beautiful website .

In 1994, Paula was elected to the Urantia Book Fellowship’s General Council, where she served for 27 years. In 2006, she took over as Executive Director for The Fellowship.  She recently retired after serving in that capacity for 16 years

Andre Radatus, Co-host

The Urantia Book’s truths have spoken compellingly to André since 1976 revealing God more fully than any other compendium of truth. For him, it is the “the ever-illuminating 'Handbook Earth’ speaking of dozens of spiritual realities never-before-known. He has participated in or co-led many different study groups and formats since 1978. Canadian-born son of eastern European immigrants, he is the father of three adult children.

André emigrated to the United States in 1980 to teach and tutor at a Urantian-founded school for learning-difference youngsters until 1995. 

André participated in the first-hosted Urantia booth disseminating the Book and its teachings in Denver, Colorado in the early-1980s. He is a member of Rocky Mountain Spiritual Fellowship and its parent The Urantia Book Fellowship since 1989, its General Council since 2016, and International Fellowship Chair since 2019.

He joined the UrantiaUniversity Board of Trustees in 2010, has Chaired and Cochaired its Curriculum Committee since 2012, and is on its Urantia Education Center’s Teacher Training Program team since its inception in 2019.

André first cohosted The Cosmic Citizen with Christilyn Biek Larson in March of 2012 and has cohosted regularly with Paula Thompson and the gang for more than ten years.

Marvin Gawryn

Marvin Gawryn considers himself incredibly lucky. Fifty years ago, when he was seventeen and barely sentient, at his high school job at one of the first metaphysical book shops in Los Angeles, he stumbled upon The Urantia Book. It has shaped his entire adult life from that day forward.

He has participated in and led study groups weekly for forty years, and served in numerous leadership roles with Urantia Book Fellowship and other service organizations. His dearest friends are fellow readers. He is the author of “Reaching High: The Psychology of Spiritual Living”, and has presented workshops at many movement conferences. He was especially fortunate to serve as Chair of the Fellowship’s Liaison Committee during efforts to restore cooperative relations with Urantia Foundation and UAI after the turbulence of the 1990’s. He is currently a member of the Standard Reference Text Committee, and of UUI’s Curriculum Committee.

Marvin is semi-retired after 30 years in practice as a Family Therapist, and currently works as the Executive Director of the Interfaith Council of Southern Nevada. He has, over the past thirty years, researched and offered workshops on the socialization of religion material in The Urantia Book, and in 1988 completed a two year Certificate of Theological Studies from the Graduate Theological Union in the history and sociology of religion.

He is President of the Family of God Fellowship (, which is dedicated to helping people live their lives more fully in spiritual family relationship, and to spreading Jesus’ gospel as expressed in The Urantia Book — a thrilling and dynamic Way of Life in the Family of God.

Most importantly, Marvin and his lovely and wise wife, Francyl, continue to enjoy the remarkable experience of serving as parents to two amazing young women, their husbands, and two beloved grandchildren. “Such a life on such a planet!” 111:7.5

Chuck Thurston

Chuck Thurston began his study of The Urantia Book in the mid-1970s. After exploring many other sources of spiritual insight, the discovery of The Urantia Book and its teachings marked the beginning of a new and profoundly life-changing growth in understanding of the nature of God and the meaning of our existence.

Over the years since then, Chuck has been closely involved with the international community of readers and students of The Urantia Book and has offered many workshops and presentations at annual conferences and other gatherings. He is currently a co-host on the Saturday morning Cosmic Citizen Blogtalk Radio broadcast and is working with Derek Samaras on the production of UBN (Urantia Book Network) video podcasts on a variety of topics.

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Extra appreciation is given to the tireless love and devotion of Paula Thompson for making this program such a lasting success

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