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In Memory of Graduated Loved Ones

The page is to remember loved ones who have passed on to the mansion worlds. Please feel free to search the names below or submit details to an administrator of a loved one you would like to include.

The purpose of the list below is simply to provide some basic details about those who have passed. For a more extensive memorial on each person, please visit the Graduation Memorial Forum. If you would like to add some comments, site registration is required.

To honor a departed loved one, consider making a memorial donation to the Urantia Book Fellowship.

● Your donation supports the dissemination of The Urantia Book and its teachings.

● The family will receive notification of your gift on a card of your choice.

To make a memorial donation, click this link and fill in the form.

The card of your choice will be sent by postal mail to the family of the graduate.

A receipt will be sent to you by email.


"The Father's love follows us now

and throughout the endless circle of the eternal ages."

The Urantia Book 2:5.9 (40.1)

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