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The Urantia Book integrates science and religion with philosophy, including a unique perspective on deity and Jesus. It depicts the history of our universe, our planet, and our civilization. Read more...

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What is the Urantia Book?

The Urantia Book is a 2,097 page text that presents comprehensive answers to age-old questions about the nature and personality of God. It provides a detailed description of the life and teachings of the being we call Jesus from before his physical birth on this planet to now. The book integrates science and philosophy with religion. It brings forth ideas about the purpose of life and how to grow spiritually. The book depicts the history of our universe, our planet, and our civilization. It describes a near infinite universe containing millions of inhabited worlds similar to Urantia (the universe name of our planet Earth), each lovingly fostered by a vast host of celestial personalities.

The Urantia Book reveals God as our loving parent, one who cherishes each of us with an affection that surpasses human understanding. God's spirit indwells each of us, inspiring us with intelligent advice that we can perceive more clearly as we spiritually grow. This indwelling spirit helps us to build our souls as we face the manifold problems of earthly existence. After this life, we continue our spiritual ascent through continued growth until, in the far-distant future, our perfected souls find God in person on Paradise after which we continue to grow and serve.

Most readers of The Urantia Book have read it many times and study the book with others in groups. Many of us agree that each time we read sections of the book, we find paragraphs that seem new, as though we haven't read them before. It seems that our minds are being tuned to be more spiritually receptive so we become more ready to see deeper into the meaning of the concepts being presented. A few of us have called The Urantia Book a hyperdimensional tool that makes you think things you didn’t know you needed to think and that you can’t unthink—or a quick reference guide to the spiritual universe. (The complete reference manual to the spiritual universe might be billions of pages.)

You can look at the table of contents here

You can download multiple translations of The Urantia Book here.

What does Urantia mean?

(yoo ran' cha): The name by which our world (planet) is known in the universes.

Who wrote The Urantia Book?

There are many authors. At the end of each of the 196 individual papers authors identifies themselves as one of various orders of beings, ranging from the same level as us, as human beings, to those of divine origin.

The papers were received in the early part of the twentieth century. The person who took charge of receiving and organizing the material being received, Dr. William Sadler, assembled a group of individuals from all walks of life who discussed and provided feedback about the information that was being received; this process helped to shape the material into what we now have as The Urantia Book, first published in 1955. You can read more about the origin here.

The book is so large. How do I start reading?

Reading The Urantia Book can be a daunting experience because it is so large.  You don't have to start at the front or think you need to read the whole book to start with.

Many of us started reading by just looking in the Table of Contents.

There was something there to spark our interest. If you read that section of the book even if it is just one page, you may be able to see it is beyond a human composition. 

Here is an issue of The Urantia Book Fellowship’s magazine, the Mighty Messenger, created for people who are unfamiliar with The Urantia Book.

Many people have also found it helpful to join a study group as they deepen their understanding through interaction with others. There is an introduction course offered via Zoom that is sometimes available. You can find out more about that class here.  Also, there is a Facebook group that has a large following where questions can be followed. 

Is there a church or organization behind The Urantia Book?

Readers of The Urantia Book come from all religious backgrounds and are united in their belief that The Urantia Book is what it claims to be – the latest revelation of God to man.

Some readers do come together in groups to read and study the book with others. Some larger organizations such as The Urantia Book Fellowship and Urantia Foundation have formed in order to organize activities among readers such as translations and to help make the book more widely available. The Urantia Book Fellowship is also involved in bringing together groups of people to learn and to get to know each other.

What does The Urantia Book say about the existence of so many religions?

The book says that religions emerged out of the need for the individual to socialize and share their personal spiritual experience with others. The Urantia Book emphasizes that individuals interpret religion based on their own unique personality and inner experience of God. The Urantia Book asserts that most religions contain important truth that can significantly contribute to other religions. The book goes on to say that only when religions transfer their spiritual sovereignty to God will peace prevail among all religions.

Will I have to change my religion to embrace the teachings of The Urantia Book?

Nowhere in The Urantia Book does it require individuals to abandon their chosen faiths. If anything the information in the book will cause a greater understanding and appreciation of true religion. Many readers continue to participate in their respective faiths during their study of The Urantia Book.

What does The Urantia Book say about life after death?

The authors of the book give a detailed and thrilling account of our progressive journey as we travel through higher levels of existence, a journey that causes us to grow spiritually and intellectually as we pursue our own inner perfection.

We don't, upon physical death, go directly to heaven/paradise. God's plan for us is far grander. We have much more to do, much more growth to experience before we attain that wonderful goal.

Secondly, and most importantly, the attainment of paradise and our Father is not the end! It is a new beginning to our next chapter of growth, experience and service.

Quote from The Urantia Book: The mortal-survival plan has a practical and serviceable objective; you are not the recipients of all this divine labor and painstaking training only that you may survive just to enjoy endless bliss and eternal ease. There is a goal of transcendent service concealed beyond the horizon of the present universe age. If the Gods (the Universal Father, Eternal Son, and Infinite Spirit) designed merely to take you on one long and eternal joy excursion, they certainly would not so largely turn the whole universe into one vast and intricate practical training school, requisition a substantial part of the celestial creation as teachers and instructors, and then spend ages upon ages piloting you, one by one, through this gigantic universe school of experiential training. The furtherance of the scheme of mortal progression seems to be one of the chief businesses of the present organized universe, and the majority of innumerable orders of created intelligences are either directly or indirectly engaged in advancing some phase of this progressive perfection plan. (Paper 48)

What is unique about the book's teachings?

There are several sections that could be considered unique, either as entirely new concepts or as innovative approaches to existing knowledge. Probably the most unique or new concept is on an aspect of deity called “God the Supreme.” This is an aspect of God which is actually evolving as all experiential beings, such as ourselves, are evolving towards perfection. Every action, thought, and decision that has spiritual value actually contributes to the evolving of God the Supreme. What is significant about this is that it will take the entire family of humankind, on this world and others, to bring the full completion of God the Supreme to fruition. With this realization we can find great meaning in our actions in this life and we are encouraged to do our part in serving others and empowering them spiritually.

Another new concept described in The Urantia Book is that of the thought adjuster, a spirit fragment of God that indwells the mind. Although most religions speak of the inner presence of God, The Urantia Book goes into great detail about this part of God that is bestowed on human beings. The thought adjuster is what allows God to maintain close contact and provide spiritual guidance to human beings.

Also included are advanced teachings on the nature of deity, the Trinity, and a previously unrevealed view of the physical structure of the universe in which we live.

The Urantia Book also talks about reality on the cosmic level of progression. There is information in The Urantia Book that has not been previously revealed, such as God’s attributes and personality and our Creator’s potential ascension plan for human beings. We are helped to understand the purpose of our existence and why our understanding can be so limited, a perspective that often contributes to our notion that life seems unfair. This can free up one’s thinking and elevate the individual to a superconscious level where there may begin the recognition of the light of truth, and of beauty and goodness. A challenging and rewarding reading experience is available for adventure-seekers who can discover an enlarged way of living and loving.

Does The Urantia Book comment on the conditions of the world we live in?

Absolutely! There is timely information on the problems of our, largely, materialistic society and ways that solutions can be approached. The book’s authors examine the reasons for the fragmentation that exists in our religious institutions and delineate the steps necessary to achieve world unity.

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Are there any rituals, doctrines, or practices?

The Urantia Book describes true religion as a personal experience. The expression of that experience finds as many varieties as there are people to express it. Although our personal practices in worship and personal communion will likely evolve over time as we grow, there isn’t any set form for how readers must experience or express their personal religion.

Many readers experience a heartfelt desire to live by the sublime teachings found within The Urantia Book’s pages that help us understand our place in the universe. This understanding enables us to experience more love, joy, kindness, goodness; to endeavor toward more self mastery.

In addition, many readers utilize meditation, worship, music, art and prayer, as many faiths do, to experience the expansion of the spirit within. You can see a website devoted to Urantia Artisans here.

Is The Urantia Book considered a New Age work?

In Wikipedia, the New Age is defined as spiritual or religious beliefs that grew in Western society during the early 1970s. Over the years there has been an emergence of various forms of practices identified with New Age beliefs related to channeling, mystics, avatars, and such. Many of these practices contain an esoteric approach to spirituality, and some become cult-like, often with various rituals, practices and doctrines to be adhered to. If “New Age” were to be defined this way then The Urantia Book would not thus be categorized. The Urantia Book was published in 1955, before the modern New Age movement began. Also, the book stresses that we do not have to be mystics with esoteric knowledge in order to live a spiritually meaningful life. The Urantia Book maintains, as in the New Testament, that “God is no respecter of persons” and that an average human being can attain high levels of spiritual understanding, and that this spiritual wisdom will shine forth in their daily life.

The Urantia Book does refer to the times we live in, and are about to enter into, as a “new age,” but this is in a context that relates directly to the book’s teachings on the times that are close at hand.

What does The Urantia Book say about reincarnation?

The Urantia Book does not support the concept of reincarnation, but explains how this belief originated during an early period of human history.

Is The Urantia Book a Christian doctrine or a rewriting of the Bible?

The Urantia Book enlarges upon the mission and teachings of Jesus, as given in the New Testament, but diverges from tenets of Christianity like sacrifice and atonement. The view of Jesus given in The Urantia Book is very unique and explained. Jesus is considered a Paradise Creator Son and is the creator and leader of our local universe.

The Bible says there can be no other gospel. How can The Urantia Book be valid?

Sincere seekers after truth will find no contradiction between the central message of the Bible and that found in The Urantia Book.

What distinguishes a reader of The Urantia Book?

People who have discovered and cherish The Urantia Book’s message come from all backgrounds, economic classes, nationalities and ethnicities. Some prefer to read it on their own, while others have formed deep relationships with fellow readers that have lasted for many years. There is no single way to define someone who reads The Urantia Book, although many of those who have taken its message to heart have made a conscious effort to transform their lives in response to the teachings found in its pages.

Is The Urantia Book considered an "inspired" work?

The authors refer to their writings as a revelation, that is, information that was not known previously by human beings. In the process of compiling the information in the book the revelators say that as many human concepts as possible were used to present the information, that revelatory information was supplied only when no human concept existed for what they wished to convey. While some other religions claim exclusive ownership to truth, the revelators explain that the information contained in The Urantia Book will one day need to be revised to correspond with the higher level of comprehension of future generations. This makes evident that revelation is an ongoing process that must occur anew when humanity progresses to higher levels of comprehension.

Almost nothing is known about how The Urantia Book came to be written. What can be said is that it presents a philosophy of spiritual living that integrates and unifies all aspects of human existence to a degree far exceeding anything previously available. Thousands upon thousands of individuals have concluded that its qualities of thought and expression are beyond the power of human invention.

Decide for yourself whether The Urantia Book is a genuine revelation, as it claims, or merely an inspired work of fiction. Whatever you conclude, this account of the history of the universe, the evolution of humankind, and God's plan for our eternal careers is likely to transform your life and your understanding of the world around you. 

What does The Urantia Book say about the presence of evil in the world?

Evil is described as a choice that is made by the free will of the mortals on the planet. The Urantia Book describes two key setbacks in our planetary history, leadership defaults that explain much of the disorder that we see in the world today that we call evil. These two events are referred to in the book as the “Lucifer rebellion” as well as the “default” of this world’s “Material Son and Daughter,” Adam and Eve (though not described in the book as the world’s first two human beings). According to The Urantia Book, despite these two damaging planetary events, individual human beings still enjoy all the avenues available to a normally developing planet for spiritual advancement.

Is The Urantia Book similar to the Course in Miracles?

Yes and no. The Course in Miracles also claims to be transmitted through superhuman sources. However, people with knowledge of both bodies of information feel that the Course focuses on individual healing, personal transformation, and the individual experience of spirituality, and that while The Urantia Book has much to offer in these areas, it also contains a universal group perspective and gives us a broad picture of the universe of which we are a part.

Is this a cult?

If you define the word “cult” as a group with a charismatic leader, specific rituals and practices, and a doctrine to be adhered to or else risk being excommunicated, then, no, this is not a cult.

Does The Urantia Book claim to contain all truth and be the last source of truth for all time?

In this consideration it’s important to distinguish between truth that is eternal with God and the truth that we as evolving humans are beginning to grasp in this life. In The Urantia Book the authors state that they are revealing the highest level of spiritual truth that is available to us based on our current level of receptivity. Since this receptivity capacity evolves over time the spiritual truth made available must also keep step with this evolution. Therefore, the authors of The Urantia Book do not claim that this is the highest level of truth we will ever be given, that revelation from various sources will continue to be made in the future. In that respect The Urantia Book differs from religions that claim their knowledge is final and complete.

How many people read The Urantia Book currently?

Hard to say. There have been approximately 1,000,000 books printed. There are also numerous translations that have been printed. Many of these translations can be downloaded from here or read online here.

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