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What Do We Mean By Spirituality?

THE TYPE OF SPIRITUALITY we are considering is sensing something beyond the material and intellectual in life, moving into the exploration of spiritual goals and values such as goodness, truth, and inner beauty. 

Someone growing spiritually can come to accept the reality of an intangible spiritual realm and learn to live in it as the genuine and lasting reality. 

Some view spirituality as consisting in a relationship or connection to nature and other people of a life of benefiting others. 

For those who sense something still more, the source of spirituality can be understood as being a non-material person who is the ideal parent of all humankind, with whom they can relate personally. 

Such an ideal spiritual parent combines wonderful qualities that feel fatherly and motherly. Steadfast, utterly dependable, and loyal. At the same time affectionate, patient, and caring. And we can enjoy the position of being beloved and nurtured spiritual children. 

If we see ourselves as spiritual beings, then our bodies may be transient and material, but our real selves are enduring spirit reality. Who we become as the result of our personal choices is a growing spiritual being experiencing a spiritually meaningful life.

Once we leave this material life behind, it is who we have become as the result of our personal choices that continues to live and learn and grow. 

  • Right now, we are only newborn spirit babies at the beginning of an extraordinary and unimaginable universe career.
  • It is personally comforting to open ourselves to our spiritual parent and experience some of the love available to us. 
  • That feeling is important because it is one affirmation of the reality of eternal love. 

We can be strengthened by the conviction that we are never alone. That we are watched after and cared for in every moment of this life. That we are continuously supported spiritually.

How Do We Grow Spiritually?

Spiritual Adventures are activities you can try for yourself to energize your experience of spiritual reality and foster your spiritual growth.

  1. Decide on a place where you can focus on some part of nature, for example, sit or walk in a park, field, meadow, a yard of grass, or under a tree, look closely at a flower or a house plant, watch clouds, stars, animals, sunsets, or sunrises.
  2. Relax your mind (and body as much as you are able).
  3. Allow your appreciation for what you see to grow and fill your chest.
  4. Open your heart to the spiritual reality of this place. Enjoy a sense of the spiritual in the graceful beauty that is provided as a gift for you to enjoy.
  5. Take a while to savor this gift.
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  1. Now imagine yourself as a small child.

  2. As that child, open to being held and feeling loved by your spiritual parent.

Spend a few minutes enjoying and appreciating that love.

If this type of imagining is new to you, it may take persistence to be able to succeed. If imagining is not easy for you, be patient with yourself and with your efforts. Realize that you may come to recognize a feeling of the spiritual later rather than at the time of your imagining. Be willing. Be patient. Be thankful for what you gain. Imagining can be really useful, so continue to experiment if you are interested in developing this ability.

About Us

We are a group of spiritual adventurers sharing our ideas about how to grow spiritually and experience joy in a world that sometimes feels so difficult.

We offer ideas based on our own experience. We do our best to give you simple descriptions, explanations, examples, and exercises.

We promise: no obligation to us on your part, no cost, nothing to join, nothing you must profess to believe, no attempt to convert you. We simply want to share what we have discovered; you can use whatever works for you.

May you grow in the joy of living!


What Is The Urantia Book?
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