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Urantia Book Mentors

Julie Hagelberger



INTERESTS: Angels, philosophy, Adam and Eve, and the Religion papers.

LOCATION: Currently living in Southeast Michigan, USA

My father introduced me to The Urantia Book when I was a teenager way back in 1965! I saw the positive changes it made in his behavior so I was hooked. I have been reading it off and on my whole adult life. I certainly don't claim to understand it all but I am familiar with it and would love to discuss it with a new reader. We can teach each other. I was a stay-at-home mom as our children grew up and then had a career as a social worker in healthcare. I'm just an ordinary woman who is so thankful for such an extraordinary book!

Trudi Cooper



INTERESTS: All things Urantia Book including Angels and Spiritual Growth. In my personal life I am a wedding officiant and enjoy Burning Man events.

LOCATION: Southeast Michigan, USA

My name is Trudi Cooper. I found The Urantia Book when I was age twenty, so have been reading and studying for 2/3rds of my life. I make my living as a wedding officiant and would be delighted to chat with anyone with questions. "Even when air currents are ascending no bird can fly except by outstretched wings."

Eileen Laurence



INTERESTS: Music swimming

LOCATION: Lancaster. PA, USA

My name is Eileen Laurence. I’ve been studying and reading The Urantia Book since about 1963. I would be happy to talk to anyone about the book. I am a retired musician, trained at the Juilliard school of music. I’m presently living in Lancaster, Pennsylvania.

Arnel Lacson


LANGUAGE: English & Pilipino (Tagalog)

INTERESTS: Any topic in The Urantia Book, metaphysics, meditation techniques, and consecration of will to God's will.

LOCATION: Philippines

OTHER: Part of the translation group in the Philippines

How I found The Urantia Book. It was year 2000 when I found the book in a second hand bookstore. Since that time, I read it from the beginning and I didn't stop until I finished the whole book. And read it again but this time slowly digesting the content while doing some research for I have some background in metaphysics and as a yoga practitioner (kundalini and kriya yoga). Some concepts are quite clear to me and The Urantia Book makes it even more clear. I still read the book and post in Facebook and I am a member of some Urantia Book reader organizations. I live in the Philippines and yet found the book in a second hand bookstore here in our country!

Kurt Cira



INTERESTS: Urantia Book studies with a special interest in religion

LOCATION: Wisconsin, USA

OTHER: Spiritual-Life Coach

I’m Kurt Cira. I have been a student of The Urantia Book for almost fifty years. I have been very involved with book and other readers for the past thirty-seven years, and my involvement continues to grow. I have led study groups for many years and given talks, presentations and workshops at Urantia Conferences and retreats. My area of interest is the Religion Of Personal Experience which I call by it’s acronym, The ROPE, and I have been studying spiritual ministry as well. I especially like to listen to the audio version of the book, and am now on my thirty-ninth start to finish.

Zabriel Zadravetz



INTERESTS: Love and Service

LOCATION: Southern Oregon, USA

My story begins in February, 1971. I was told by his friends in Hollywood that Jimi Hendrix had discovered something that would change the world, but before he could explain he was taken off the planet. So I went to Maui to the Rainbow Ranch to discover what he discovered; there I was introduced to The Urantia Book with the words, "This is the information that you seek," and it truly was the information I was searching for. I met Julia Fenderson and Burt King when I returned to Los Angeles and Julia let me scan through her records, which I did several times. It was truly what I was searching for and I have been a student/teacher ever since. Over the years I have introduced the revelation to countless people and the revelation has been my life mission. I have made over sixty Urantia Book videos that have over a million views. I live in the Siskiyou Mountains in Southern Oregon. It has been a great adventure here on Urantia.

Esther Wood


LANGUAGE: English. Proto-IndoEuropean roots

INTERESTS: Angels, mind (adjutants), soul growth (psychic circles), Jesus's teachings, personal religious growth, sciences, philosophy, comparative religious concepts, symbology, mythology, and history of beliefs, and evolution of human culture.

LOCATION: Molalla, about forty miles south of Portland, OR, USA

My husband and I have been reading The Urantia Book since 1975. We were living in Southeast Portland, Oregon, at the time and used to talk with friends about the great realities of the universe. One day our neighbor came over with a big blue book. He said, "I think you're ready for this," and handed us The Urantia Book. It was like being handed the universe.

Robert P Aponte



INTERESTS: Physical health, Guitar, Yoga, Bike Riding, and Chess

LOCATION: Huntington Beach, California, USA

My full name is Robert Philip Michael Aponte. I ”found” The Urantia Book in a bar called Blackies in Santa Monica in 1980. I was waiting to get paid for a gig we played and the bartender owned the book. I, in my drunken stupor, asked, “Hey, who’s got this book on Uranium?” The bartender baited me, “I do and it’s got a cool section on Celestial Musicians.” I was hooked! I went and got the book from The Bhodi Tree in West Hollywood three days later. Shortly thereafter I found Julia Fenderson’s Sunday sessions and never looked back. However, after reading the book on and off for nine years, I realized I had to sober up. So, if nothing else (and there’s so, so much more), The Urantia Book helped me get clean and sober (self mastery anyone?) over thirty-two years ago. The bartender is my good friend today, Jonathon Johnson!

Denver Pearson


LANGUAGE: Native English and some Spanish


LOCATION: Costa Rica

By a fortuitous sequence of events, The Urantia Book was made known to me and I purchased from the Urantia Foundation the second edition in 1970. Since that time, I have continually studied and absorbed its marvelous teachings and have written several essays about it, such as “The Urantia Revelatory Process,” as well as begun several Facebook groups including Urantia 1, Urantia Cosmology, and Urantia Book Apologetics. Even though I know the book well and enjoy all of it including the most difficult papers, I have become more interested in the science and cosmology aspects of it. I will make myself available by writing or by a phone call if you live in the USA. In recent years I have lost most of my eyesight so now I only listen to the book which is a totally different experience.

Gabriel Rymberg


LANGUAGE: Hebrew, native in English, Spanish

INTERESTS: Entrepreneurship and Technology


Hi everyone! My name is Gabriel Rymberg. I currently live in Israel. I am tri-lingual: Hebrew, English, and Spanish. My journey with The Urantia Book is quite fast: I was introduced to it in February, 2011, and by May, 2012 I was already translating it to Hebrew. I finished the entire first draft of the translation in December 2017. I am currently working on several exciting projects all intended to fulfill the promise: "Imagine you could review Jesus' life in any you wished!"

Frieda Friendentia



INTERESTS: Spirit of Truth, Ascension Plan, Service, Childrearing, Peace and Reconciliation

LOCATION: Southern Oregon, USA

The Urantia Book found me in 1973 and has been my constant companion all these years. I have had the privilege of serving as a study group host in my home off and on for over thirty-five years. I have been active in a wide range of Urantia Book groups and enjoy studying together with both new and seasoned students.

Karen Koechel Larsen



INTERESTS: Personal Relationships, Religion Papers, and Jesus

LOCATION: Upstate New York, USA

My Pop gave me The Urantia Book in the early 1990's. When I began reading it in earnest a few years later and asked for guidance on where to start, I was drawn to Adam and Eve. As I read the paper, I wept. It was the true answers I had sought for decades. Every page and paper was another revelation that I had somehow known all along. I work in human services and assist at-risk populations towards achieving greater independence in their lives. I fully believe we are always moving forward towards Father's plan.

Rick Brunson



INTERESTS: Part 3: The History of Urantia and Part 4: The Life and Teachings of Jesus


Soon after starting to read The Urantia Book in 1979, I felt as if someone had thrown a life preserver to me, a man treading water. I had in my hands an explanation as to why our world was in such a mess. The chapters on the Lucifer Rebellion and the Adamic Default offered, an understandable timeline of incredible detail that defied description in their complexity, coherence, and truthful resonance. As I look back at the many years since I found it , I remain grateful for how The Urantia Book has enriched and transformed my life--particularly how it allowed me to channel my anger at what I thought to be a dismissive and unconcerned God into a search for truth, goodness, and beauty.

Nick Curto



INTERESTS: Fine Arts, UFO Research, Music, and History

LOCATION: New York, NY, Manhattan (Upper East Side), USA

Urantia Book reader for thirty-five years. My interests include, but not limited to (1) The Fine Arts, I'm an art major from The Massachusetts of Art and Design in Boston, Massachusetts with a BA in Advertising and Graphic Design (2) Compose Music and Lyric interest (3) Film (4) Travel (5) UFO Research (6) History  (7) Theatre (8) Musical Comedy Theatre (9)Improv Acting and Teaching (10) World Cultural (11) Time Travel (12) Politics (13) Science and Physics, and (14) Fine Art Painting and sculpture.

Cydney Renee



INTERESTS: Any Urantia Book topic, including self-mastery, ancient civilizations, natural healing through God's living pharmacy, and energy medicine


My adventure with The Urantia Book began in September, 1996, and I have been a dedicated eternal student ever since. Because I live in Boulder, Colorado with a large community of Urantia Book readers, I have been exposed to hundreds of hours of different flavors of study groups, intensives, and classes led by long time Urantia Book readers and teachers. Since August 2010, during a very intense twnty-four-week study of the Adjuster Papers, I began feeling more and more connected to God, Christ Michael, and Mother Spirit. By December of that year, after long contemplation with the Father, I made the Supreme decision to consecrate my will to the Father's will. Almost instantly, I began feeling the most amazing dynamic living love for all humanity, which poured into every cell of my being! It was the most joyful, profound life transforming experience of my life! I want others to share this wonderful experience, which will ultimately prove how much God really loves and cares for each and every one of us!

Will Sherwood



INTERESTS: All things Urantia

LOCATION: Myrtle Beach, Florida, USA

I found the book in 1969, and was hooked from the first sentence in the forward. Since that time I have either hosted or attended study groups continuously. I married a third generation Urantia Book student, Collin Renn, and she gave me two wonderful boys (now age 39 and 41) . She died of cancer when my boys were 9 and 11, and the very next week at a Urantia star party I met my current bride Margo. We’ve been married now for twenty-five years now and we have consistently hosted an in-person study group. I’m constantly on the lookout for service opportunities, occasionally introducing people to The Urantia Book. (I am aware of two and possibly four people that I introduced the book to that have become long time students of the book, so I’m duplicating myself in that regard, at least.) In 2008 I graduated with a Masters degree in spiritual psychology from the University of Santa Monica. As a result, I’ve been able to volunteer as an assistant in their ongoing classes. (It’s nice to work with folks who are looking for a way to improve their lives and to create more love for themselves and in the world around us.) Life is good. I will be 77 in next month, and I have to tell you, IMHO life brings us wonderful opportunities for loving service often wrapped up in pain and difficulty. So you know what I’m talking about, I was praying for more service opportunities and ended up with a flesh eating bacteria here in the hospital in Myrtle Beach. I am now a surrounded by young nurses and medical personnel that are themselves devoted to loving service in the community. What a blessing! What a wonderful service opportunity for me to bring light and love to the life challenged people around me. We currently have a study group in our home that meets twice a week, and I am always on the lookout for potential participants. If you know of anyone living in the Myrtle Beach area who has questions or interest in the book, send them my way!

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