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Can We Feel The Flow Of Love?

FEELING THE FLOW OF LOVE can occur as we mature spiritually. It is a joy to experience! 

When the first child is born to a couple, both parents often are filled with an amazing expansion of their emotions. Many of them are able to feel the flow of love to their child. When the child is two or three, there will often be times when he or she rushes from play to hug a parent for a moment. The parent feels a flood of love pouring from the child. 

When one person supports another in difficult circumstances, the love may embrace both of them, flowing back and forth. Experiences of the flow of love can evolve into even more outstanding experiences if we open ourselves to love by:

  • slowing down

  • seeking out people and events that trigger our feelings of love, and then 

  • paying attention to our feelings.

Love can be perceived flowing between two or more people. It can occur in groups if they share from the heart with one another. 

I would like to share some personal experiences of feeling the flow of love.

I have been in a circle with fifteen people I did not know personally before they attended the meeting. Each one talked of his or her desires to be more loving with their children. As each one spoke, I fell in love with that person. 


Because I could feel their love for their children. I heard honesty and sincerity. To my surprise, I came to know them better than I would have expected to.

As the sharing continued around the circle, I realized that the whole room was filling to capacity and beyond with love. The atmosphere in the room seemed to glow with love. My whole being expanded with love. 

The flow of spiritual love is REAL!

We can intentionally initiate this flow of love in a group of people willing to open themselves to it.

Here is another experience of feeling the flow of love.

I have stood in a circle of thirty people, standing hand-in-hand, while someone guided us to receive spiritual love into our minds and souls and bodies. 

  • We were led to send that love down one arm into the hand of the person on our left and to receive the flow of love from the hand of the person on our right. 

  • We could feel the flow of love moving around the circle with power again and again, lifting us all into a higher frame of mind. 

Have you ever had an experience similar to one of these?

If so then you also know that the flow of spiritual love is REAL!

How Do We Grow Spiritually?

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