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Consult Your Inner Spirit to Become a Better Person

Consult Your Inner Spirit to Become a Better Person

Deep within your mind resides a reliable counselor—your Inner Spirit. Your Inner Spirit is the spiritual guide connecting you to the creator and sustainer of all life, the source of all unselfish love. If you follow your Inner Spirit’s guidance, you will succeed in becoming a better person.

Ask for Spiritual Guidance

Consulting your Inner Spirit is like asking a friend’s advice. As you invest time in your inner life (your thoughts, emotions, motives, and ideals), you will develop your own method of communication. Here is a suggestion you might want to try when you feel disturbed by frustration, impatience, anger or sadness:

  1. Direct your attention inward to your inner life.

  2. Ask for help to make a decision. 

  3. Describe the situation that needs resolution in words or imagine it in images. 

  4. Take your time. Be honest. There is no way to hide any thoughts, feelings, or actions from your Inner Spirit, so lay everything out with total honesty. 

  5. You may want to write down your inner conversation to help you focus your mind, as well as to review your experience later.

Be Receptive

While asking for help is simple, receiving and interpreting the rich response of your Inner Spirit is something you only learn with time and persistence. There are several reasons for that delay. First, the gentle encouragement of the Spirit can be very subtle. And second, it is easy to misunderstand what to expect from the Spirit.

Asking for spiritual guidance is not a way to get what you want. It is a way of getting insight into a better choice.

Fortunately, with patience and persistence, you will succeed. Your own experience and sincerity will teach you how to be receptive to the Spirit’s guidance. Here are some suggestions:

  • After asking for help, stay relaxed in body and mind.
  • Open yourself to loving wisdom.
  • Gently think over the situation for which you are seeking help.
  • Be especially willing to see things differently and to allow your feelings to change.

You may receive help on the spot . . . or not.

Be Watchful

In those times when you do not recognize the help you asked for right then, you will need patience and trust. Over the following days, be watchful for insights or solutions to occur to you. There are many ways in which spiritual guidance may come, for example:

  • A resolution may spontaneously come about.
  • Another person may suggest a solution.
  • Something you read or hear may provide an answer.
  • An idea may pop into your mind at any time, but it is especially likely to occur as you awaken.
  • Sleeping on a decision is particularly helpful. Sometimes you awaken with your mind made up . . . or changed.
  • Your feelings or needs may change.
  • Enemies may transform into friends.
  • A stranger may help.

Ways to receive help go on and on. In interpreting spiritual guidance, remember that it is coming from the source of unselfish love in any situation.

Choose Wisely

Once you think you have a useful insight into your situation, always measure that idea against your ideal values and consider how your decision will affect others. If you conclude that your idea is a good one, you will still need to choose whether or not to act on that idea.

Choose wisely.

Life is filled with a multitude of decisions. Each decision you make, large or small, affects your progress toward being a better person. With practice you will come to trust your spiritual guidance.

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