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Spiritual Growth Conversations


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Searching for Truth

When a belief becomes accepted as “the truth,” that accepted belief can limit one’s ability to hear other views—views which may improve one’s own perspective of truth. Many people, through their spiritual experiences, begin to understand their insights as vital to discovering the progressively higher truths. In this conversation we will explore how we can improve our ability to discern what is real and true for us, which has the potential to expand our happiness, sense of beauty, and communication, making us better friends, neighbors, and citizens.

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  • Describe a time when you released an old belief as you discovered something more truthful.
  • What are your personal truths that you use to guide your life? 
  • What practices have you found to expand your spiritual awareness? 
  • How do you deal with relationships where the other person holds views very different from yours? 
  • How have you grown in your ability to inspire others to seek higher truths?

Spiritual But Not Religious?

Do you desire to experience a rich spiritually-connected life without feeling obligated to an institutionalized system of beliefs? Do you want to think about how to become a better person?

While many find spiritual sustenance in their religion of choice, in this conversation we will explore the differences between participating in various forms of organized religion and simply living a dynamic, spirit-centered life.

This conversation explores the challenges, resources, and benefits of living a self-designed, spiritually-fragrant life.

Discussion / Talking Points

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  • Share with us what you see as the differences between being religious and being spiritual.
  • What challenges are you having, breaking away from previously held beliefs? 
  • What sources have you explored to satisfy your spiritual hunger? 
  • What or who has inspired you to learn how to be a better person? 
  • What do you imagine your ideal spiritual journey would look like if you could have it any way you wanted it to be?

Creative Spiritual Adventures With Friends

You are the creator of your own spiritual adventure, regardless of your upbringing, religious training, or cultural influences. In this conversation you are encouraged to share your journey of spiritual discovery and to learn from others as they share their experiences. Consider that the wisdom found in our collective community of friends is an important source of nourishment on our creative spiritual adventures.

Discussion / Talking Points

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  • Do you have a community in which you are accepted and nurtured? What would your ideal community look like?
  • What influences in your life from friends, family, or community have shaped your views of religion/spirituality? 
  • Share a defining moment on your quest/journey/path and how your community has been a part of this process.
  • What has been a significant obstacle you have overcome in your life? And tell us about the lessons you learned from it.
  • What benefits or frustrations have you discovered in your efforts to grow spiritually?
  • What personal actions and practices have you adopted to support your journey?

How Do We Survive This Crazy World?

The questions at hand are, “Will we, as a species, survive?” and, “If so, who is coming to save us?” In this conversation, we get down and dirty! Here you have permission to stand on your soapbox. This is a safe space to voice your frustrations, concerns, confusions, and disappointments, about the current degradation and disintegration of our world...and to explore potential solutions that may help to improve humanity’s chances of survival. Courage and bravery will be required to alter the direction of our planet. If you are willing and ready, let’s begin!

Discussion / Talking Points

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Round 1: Get it off your chest! 

  • What are you personally struggling with on this imperfect, mismanaged, yet beautiful planet?
  • What daunting issues are confronting you and your community?
  • Which of the looming global crises/disasters/catastrophic events has your attention?

Round 2: Taking Action!

  • Share the essential tools you are using to survive these challenging times (i.e, pills, pals, peace, pillow talk, practices).
  • What legacy of change will you contribute to your personal community?
  • How will your unique vision for our planet’s future help it to survive and evolve?

Art of Universal Language

Some of us have come to the realization that even if we are speaking the same vernacular language, each of us may have a unique linguistic interpretation of the same words which may result in the listener getting a much different idea than what was intended. Every single person on the planet has a unique perspective, created from their history, cultural influences, family-of-origin terminology, education, etc. 

In this Spiritual Growth Conversation, you are encouraged to practice what we call universal language. Simply put, universal language is terminology that is the most common to all humanity. When utilizing universal language, you are specifically expressing your words and tone for the greatest number of people to understand, doing the greatest good for the greatest length of time. 


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Round 1: What is Universal Language? 

  • When in conversation with people perceived differently from you, what are your strategies for seeking common ground?
  • Tell us about a conversation that you have experienced, where you felt excluded because those who spoke chose words and concepts you didn’t understand. How did it leave you feeling?
  • Recall a time when you were trying to explain something, and it left listeners more confused.

Round 2: Exchanging language

  • Practice speaking about a concept that is unique to your personal paradigm or spiritual experience, exchanging any words or phrases that the majority of humanity does not understand or yet know.
  • Apply the basics of what you now understand of universal language to situations that you are currently experiencing; remain open to compassionate feedback in preparation to face that circumstance in your life with renewed intention and inspiration.
  • The host will provide a challenging hypothetical scenario. Practice reverently listening, reading the room, and offering inquiries that seek similarity amoung the differences.

Meet Your Hosts

Darla Hughes

Hello, from Wisconsin! I am so excited about this platform for meeting new friends who are sharing their hearts and minds about personal spiritual growth. I have been curious about spiritual matters all my life and it has brought me many joyous adventures with new friends as I’ve traveled the world to listen to others and share my spiritual experience. My passion to serve and grow has taught me the importance of the art of effective, loving communication. This has facilitated deeper connections with those I meet. It has brought about trust and friendship on a soul level.

As spiritual seekers, we will explore our inner life together and remain open to supporting one anothers’ discoveries in spiritual growth. I sincerely hope you join us on this exciting platform where we can become friends and partners on our spiritual journey.

Alden Hughes 

Spiritual Growth has become a central focus of my life the last 30 years. Listening to others and sharing my experiences are a key part of spiritual growth for me.  Spiritual guidance and even healing are evidence of just how practical the revealing of spiritual dimensions of life can be. 

The reason this project of Spiritual Growth Conversations is so important to me is it reflects how each individual’s mind is infinitely valued. Each of us can find a special, unique function and purpose in our awakening to a shared Spiritual Reality. We have always taught who we are by how we live our lives. But now we can stretch our minds by sharing new ideas of Truth that we want to learn. I hope you are inspired to join me, in the revelation of the joy and love of who we are.


Aloha Y’all! Having the fortunate inspiration through challenges as a young child to investigate whole health from physical ailments, alongside my caregivers’ encouragement to explore various modalities of spirituality, I am now faithful to the truth that optimal health for quality longevity is a personal responsibility and that religion is a personal experience.

Cheering from the Ozarks of Northwest Arkansas, with my three fur babies, a property full of garden babies, rivers, and woods, I am excited to get to know you and your unique expression of universal creation!

Do you want to become a host of Spiritual Growth Conversations? We provide trainings! Contact us for more details.

Would you rather do a bit more reading on your self-directed spiritual path?

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About Us

We are a group of spiritual adventurers sharing our ideas about how to grow spiritually and experience joy in a world that sometimes feels so difficult.

We offer ideas based on our own experience. We do our best to give you simple descriptions, explanations, examples, and exercises.

We promise: no obligation to us on your part, no cost, nothing to join, nothing you must profess to believe, no attempt to convert you. We simply want to share what we have discovered; you can use whatever works for you.

May you grow in the joy of living!


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