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Living the Teachings of The Urantia Book: Exemplified

Celebrating the life of David Kulieke and his over fifty-year career of service to the Urantia Book community, we are pleased to announce a restricted fund dedicated to support the participation of students of The Urantia Book at conferences, and to encourage youth who demonstrate promise as students or teachers of The Urantia Book.

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Join us in supporting the next generation of the Urantia Book community.

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About David

The Kulieke family has a storied history of being exemplary students and dynamic leaders within the Urantia Book community.  This was especially true of our dear friend, mentor, and brother David Kulieke.  

He was a lifelong educator, an English teacher, and mentor to young people. His life was devoted to studying and sharing The Urantia Book and its teachings with his students. For over fifty years he served Urantia Brotherhood and The Urantia Book Fellowship through his support of education, local initiatives, outreach, and organizational service.


About the Program:

Supporting Future Teachers and Leaders of the Urantia Book Community

The Urantia Book Fellowship holds annual conferences and applications to the David Kulieke Youth Scholarship Fund are accepted year round. Scholarship beneficiaries should be ages 18-35 and interested in participating in some capacity as a presenter, contributor, or volunteer at community gatherings.   

Criteria used to evaluate scholarship requests include: familiarity with the teachings of The Urantia Book, history of engagement with the Urantia Book community, personal references, and the total amount of scholarship requested.  We encourage all eligible candidates to apply.

Join us in fellowship!

In Loving Memory

Thank you David for touching our lives with your humor, devotion to friends and family, and love of learning.  We will see you again soon.



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