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Enrich Your Inner Life to Become A Better Person

Becoming a Better Person By Nourishing Your Inner Life

Becoming the person you want to be depends on expressing the best of your inner life. Your inner life includes your:

  • Thoughts

  • Emotions

  • Motives

  • Ideals

You will grow into a better person when you enrich your inner life with ideal values–those qualities, ideals, and standards you consider admirable and worthy of your commitment.

Ideal Values Are the Key to Becoming a Better Person

Integrity, peace, generosity, compassion, caring, courage, patience, graciousness, forgiveness, and trustworthiness are examples of these ideal values. Living a life based on ideal values is an avenue to spiritual progress.

As you work toward becoming the person you want to be in your daily life,

  • keep in mind the ideal values that are important to you,
  • choose to express these ideal values in your words, actions, and balanced self-control, and
  • allow your daily life to reflect these ideal values.

Sometimes Your Outer Life Controls Your Priorities

In contrast with your inner life, your outer life is where you interact with people, ideas, and institutions that are frequently concerned with their own interests. Your actions and decisions in the world can be important, especially when you are providing for physical life needs. But . . .

Real and lasting happiness flows out of giving the ideal values in your inner life first priority.

Your Inner Spirit Provides Guidance for Your Life

Deep inside the highest part of your mind resides your spiritual guide—your Inner Spirit. Your Inner Spirit connects you to the creator and sustainer of all life, the source of all unselfish love. This Inner Spirit can always be depended upon to encourage what is truly in your best spiritual interests.

Your inner life is where your ideal values and meanings arise, take root, and grow. Your inner life is where you have the most control over your life. Your inner life truly belongs to you. There you can create a special place to rest and to gather calm and strength. This special place is a particularly good place to consider your ideal values.

Create a Special Place

You are invited to create a special place in your inner life. This will be a place you can visit any time you wish—a private place to rest and draw in strength and courage.

During this time of imagining, you will relax and focus inward. Be sure you are in a safe place to close your eyes. Lie down or sit comfortably in a position you can maintain for about 7 or 8 minutes.

Allow this guide to focus your attention. At each moment you are in full control of this exercise. These are simply suggestions for your imagination to work with. As you proceed, feel free to leave your eyes open or to close them whenever you want.


Let’s start by relaxing your body and mind. First, gently tense up the muscles all over your body and then slowly allow them to ease and relax.

Tense and let go a second time.

Breathe a little more deeply. Take breaths that are a bit slower than normal. Continue to breathe slowly, deeply, and comfortably. As you breathe out, imagine that any unwanted thoughts and feelings drift away, progressively leaving your mind clear and your body relaxed. Breathe out concerns. Breathe in refreshing air. Breathe out tension. Breathe in relaxation. Breathe…

Create a Special Place

Gently bring your attention into your inner life to that place where you consider decisions and sense what is right and wrong for you.

As you continue to feel relaxed, you are invited to imagine a special place here in your inner life. It can be a comfortable room indoors or it can be outside, somewhere you have been or someplace that is totally your creation. You are completely in control here. No one can come without your invitation. No one even knows about your special spot.

Here in your special place, you may put anything you wish to make you comfortable—furniture, plants, trees, artwork, a beautiful view. Set the temperature, the weather, the time of day or night. Add a fire or lights if you wish. Bring things that make you feel good, things you have already or things you want. Take time now to complete your special place and enjoy it.

Focus on Gratitude

Now I invite you to think of the people or pets that you love dearly. Choose a companion to focus on for today. Choose a beloved friend, a family member, or a pet who loves you. If you prefer, feel free to imagine a perfect companion. You are welcome to invite this person or pet to your special place for a short visit. Take a few moments to choose someone.

Now focus on the companion you chose. See them in your mind’s eye…this person or pet that you enjoy.

Imagine touching your companion affectionately. Feel their love for you.

What might you say to them?

Imagine their happy response.

Remember how grateful you are to have the blessing of their presence in your life. Feel gratitude for your companion. Focus on that feeling of thanksgiving. Feel your gratitude begin to grow in your heart.

Feel it grow stronger and expand within you.

Allow gratitude to swell until it fills your entire body.

Feel thanksgiving bubble up inside you. Growing stronger each moment. Indulge in a big smile, if you like…just imagining being there in your special place with your companion. Take time to fully experience the gratitude you feel.

Now it is time to say a temporary “goodbye” to your visitor. You may invite your companion into your special place any time you wish. Embrace them and allow them to leave….

Gratitude will always be here in your special place, available to you at any moment. Return to your special place and enjoy the wonderful feeling of gratitude whenever you want.

Experiencing gratitude is a powerful tool to uplift your heart and clarify your thinking. As you gain experience, try moving on to other attitudes. Each time you go to your special place, first spend time in gratitude. Then choose another beautiful attitude to fill you—satisfaction, triumph, hope, determination—whatever you want. The choice is yours.

Now I invite you to return to the here and now. As you return to this place and time, bring with you the wonderful feeling of gratitude that you have generated in and around yourself.

May your life be blessed by this simple exercise in imagination. May it empower you to become a better person. To uplift your attitude or to clear your mind for better thinking, go to your special place and feel the gratitude. Adapt the process to suit your needs. If you like, share it with others. Thank you for participating.

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