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Shadow and Light

2023-08-10 1:15 PM | Thomas

Shadow owes its birth to light.
  --John Gay, poet and dramatist (1685-1732)

(12:8.16) And so your Greek figure of speech—the material as the shadow of the more real spirit substance—does have a philosophic significance.

(130:4.13) Evil is a relativity concept. It arises out of the observation of the imperfections which appear in the shadow cast by a finite universe of things and beings as such a cosmos obscures the living light of the universal expression of the eternal realities of the Infinite One.

(131:10.4) All good things come down from the Father of light, in whom there is no variableness neither shadow of changing.

(132:2.9) By the time of the attainment of Paradise the ascending mortal's capacity for identifying the self with true spirit values has become so enlarged as to result in the attainment of the perfection of the possession of the light of life. Such a perfected spirit personality becomes so wholly, divinely, and spiritually unified with the positive and supreme qualities of goodness, beauty, and truth that there remains no possibility that such a righteous spirit would cast any negative shadow of potential evil when exposed to the searching luminosity of the divine light of the infinite Rulers of Paradise.

    John Gay was an English poet and dramatist and member of the Scriblerus Club. He is best remembered for The Beggar's Opera (1728), a ballad opera. The characters, including Captain Macheath and Polly Peachum, became household names.

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