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  • 2021-03-28 5:03 PM | Jena (Administrator)

    Pablo Morales of Venezuela submitted this Second Miler fund project

    Marcelino Ramirez, Maria Auxiliandora Moreno, Pablo Morales, Marinett Morales, Jairo Miranda, Nathalie Jaimes

    This project that was submitted by Pablo Morales is in support of a team of six Urantia Book readers and teachers in Venezuela who have been developing material for and facilitating face-to-face meetings. Their focus has been to have regular, two-hour meetings for deep discussion with readers and regular two-hour meetings to help new readers with their initial questions and doubts about The Urantia Book. Some of their activities have been transmitted on Urantia TV.  The Urantia Book Fellowship is helping with the purchase of some of the equipment they need to upgrade their equipment so they continue their meetings in the virtual world.

    LECTURA INTERACTIVA (INTERACTIVE READING) is an ongoing project since October, 2020 where the more difficult parts of the book are read and discussed.  

    PRIMERAS MIRADAS A URANTIA (FIRST LOOK AT URANTIA) is an ongoing project since August, 2020 that focuses on those who have not finished their first Urantia Book reading as well as very new readers. 

    PROFUNDIZACIÓN Y DISCERNIMIENTO (DEEPING AND DISCERNING) is an ongoing project since August, 2020 that focuses on those who have read the book at least once. 

    The team working on this project has a lot of experience with the book, with some finding the book as early as 1995. Many of them have their own social media pages and make their own YouTube videos to promote the teachings. You can learn more details about this dedicated team, find their social media pages, and follow their progress at our website,

    To learn more about the Second Miler Grant Program, click here.

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