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Commonalities Among Faiths - UNITY SCHOOL OF CHRISTIANITY - Practical Christianity

2020-08-23 8:32 AM | Stephanie

Unity School of Christianity – Unity is not a religion about Jesus – It is living his religion – Practical Christianity

Major Tenets of UNITY

Comparative Passages from 

The Urantia Book 

·      There is one power and one presence in the universe, God, the life force of all being.

Paper 3: Section 1. Paragraph 2 - “The Universal Father is all the time present in all parts and in all hearts of his far-flung creation.”

Paper 195: Section 10. Paragraph 4 – “The kingdom of God is within you” was probably the greatest pronouncement Jesus ever made, next to the declaration that his Father is a living and loving spirit.”

The Spirit of God lives within each person; therefore, all people are inherently good

(A spark of divine perfection indwells each human being who has made a moral choice.The Urantia Book refers to this spirit as the “Thought Adjuster,” “Mystery Monitor,” “Father fragment,” and “divine presence” bestowed on each mortal at the time of her or his first moral decision.) Paper 110: Relation of Adjusters to Individual Mortals. Section 1. Paragraphs 2-3 Describes these divine sparks as “…devoutly faithful to the task of fostering man’s spiritual welfare …efficient ministers to the higher phases of men’s minds;… heavenly helpers… dedicated to the stupendous task of guiding you safely inward and upward…tireless toilers…watchful workers…loving leaders…patient teachers… careful custodians…divine indwellers…”

We create our life experiences through our way of thinking.

“Our thoughts are prayers and we are always praying. Our thoughts are prayers, take charge of what you’re saying. Seek a higher consciousness, a state of peacefulness and know that God is always there, and every thought becomes a prayer.”

Paper 39. Section 4 – “The keys of the kingdom are sincerity, more sincerity, and more sincerity. All me have these keys. Men use them -advance in spirit status- by decisions, by more decisions, and by more decision. The highest moral choice is the choice of the highest possible value, and always-in any sphere, in all of them – this is the choose to do the will of God.”

Paper 111. Section 1: The Mind Arena of Choice. “Mind is your ship, the Adjuster is your pilot, the human will is captain….With your consent, this faithful pilot will safely carry you across the barriers of time and the handicaps of space to the very source of the divine mind and on beyond, even to the Paradise Father of Adjusters.”

  • Through the power of affirmative prayer and meditation, we deepen our understanding of Spirit.

Paper 144: Section 2. The Discourse on Prayer.

“Prayer is entirely a personal and spontaneous expression of the attitude of the soul toward the spirit…Prayer, when indited by the spirit, leads to co-operative spiritual progress.” Paper 160: Section 1. Paragraph 10 - “But the greatest of all methods of problem solving I have learned from Jesus, your Master…the isolation of worshipful meditation.” Paper 160. Section 3. Paragraph 1- “Meditation makes the contact of mind with spirit; relaxation determines the capacity for spiritual receptivity. And this interchange of strength for weakness, courage for fear, the will of God for the mind of self, constitutes worship.

Paper 144: Section 4 – “Prayer if the sincere and longing look of the child to its spirit Father …process of exchanging the human will for the divine will…part of the divine plan for making over that which is into that which ought to be.

Knowledge of these Spiritual Principles is not enough. We each need to put them into practice in our daily lives.


Paper 193: Section 2 - Paragraph 2 – [Jesus said in his Appearance to the Phoenicians…“And the fruits of the divine spirit which are yielded in the lives of spirit-born and God-knowing mortals are: loving service, unselfish devotion, courageous loyalty, sincere fairness, enlightened honesty, undying hope, confiding trust, merciful ministry, unfailing goodness, forgiving tolerance, and enduring peace.” Paper 143: Section 7- More Teachings about Prayer and Worship – “Worship is the technique of looking to the One for the inspiration of service to the many.

Unity is not a religion about Jesus, but about living his teachings, practical Christianity.

Paper 195: Section10. Paragraph 15 - “….there is a religion of Jesus separate, and somewhat apart, from Christianity, which has more and more become a religion about Jesus.” 

Paper 195: Section 10. Paragragh 21 – “The hope of modern Christianity is that is should cease to sponsor the social systems and industrial policies of Western civilization while it humbly bows itself before the cross is so valiantly extols, there to learn anew from Jesus of Nazareth the greatest truths mortal man can ever hear – the living gospel of the fatherhood of God and the brotherhood of man.

From Charles Fillmore, Co-founder of Unity School of Christianity (April,1921), in the Unity 32 Point Statement of Faith and Basic Unity Principles, # 16 – “We believe the Holy Mother, the divine feminine, is being restored to her righteousness, and will reign equal to Jehovah in the heavens and the earth." There is also a picture of Charles Fillmore with a copy of The Urantia Book in his bookcase in the background.

Paper 34 – The Local Universe Mother Spirit – Section 1 – “….in the presence of the Creator Son, a [there is] a new personal representation of the Infinite Spirit. This is the Divine Minister. The individualized Creative Spirit helper of the Creator Son has become his personal creative associate, the local universe Mother Spirit.”


  • 2020-12-03 5:14 AM | Lorolei
    This just gave me peace. All this time I thought your praying had to be spoken out loud, that all my thought praying meant something.
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