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The Be Healthy Plan, by Bob Moyers

2015-01-10 3:09 PM | Daniel
Be Healthy Plan For Happy People
The following pro-active, preventive, positive strategies for healthy, happy,
humble, stress-free people promises to strengthen the immune system, balance the
emotions, balance mental-emotional-physical-spiritual energies, help prevent
sickness-illness-disease, reduce and eliminate negative stress, improve
communications, and create an awareness and understanding of the power of love,
the joy of forgiveness, and the peace of a humble heart within the individual who
decides to follow the suggestions outlined in the plan.
The Promise Of Compassion
I promise to love, care, listen, encourage, and forgive. I promise to tell the
truth, be happy, be healthy, be humble and give. I promise to ask good questions,
give good answers, and pray. I promise to control my words, admit my
shortcomings, trust God and do God’s will each day.
The Plan Of Happiness
Declare the day a joy-filled, happy day when you wake up. This is the day that
God has made. I will have joy and be glad in it.
SPEAK the truth with love. ASK good questions. LISTEN with understanding
and not just for agreement. THINK in silence and do not interrupt. We are the S.A.L.T. of
the earth. This is the process of great communication.
Do not give permission for fear, anger, sadness, or hurt to take away your joy.
When you experience negative feelings and emotions, have faith that this is a sign that
something may be wrong and that there may be conflict. Say thank you to God and then
ask for help if needed to solve the problem and see what lessons you are to learn.
Restore, repair, and rebuild damaged relationships by asking what you can do to
make the relationship better.
Ask for forgiveness and forgive others. Say these words: Please forgive them.
Please help me to forgive them. Please forgive me for what I may have done wrong.
Please help me to forgive myself for what I may have done wrong. Please take away my
anger and bitterness. Please restore my joy.
Know that negative distress is caused by having to be right, by finding fault, by
trying to control things we cannot control, and by being selfish.
Stop bad habits and addictions and distress by saying these words: I want to stop. I
can’t stop. Take away my desire. Be willing to admit shortcomings with a humble heart..
Use your super powers. You have the power to control love, encouragement,
forgiveness, truth, attitude, humility, and the words that come out of your mouth.
Say these wellness words as often as possible. I’m wrong. I’m sorry. Forgive me.
You did a good job. What is your opinion? I love you. Thank you. Please.
Make the decision to do the will of God each day.

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