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Dennis Nicomede Remembered

  • 2020-08-29 12:00 PM
    Message # 9198548
    Cristina (Administrator)

    What's on my mind is the thing that's always been there since I first questioned the nature of our being and our relationship with God and the Universe. Where's that Golden thread that binds us all together? The Fatherhood of God and the Brotherhood of Mankind! Well, as it turns out, all Religions share the Golden thread of Love! So my advice is if you want a life of meaning and value, you learn to Love all you can, while you can, and don't stop till the day of your Transition, and you'll find all that Love come pouring back to You! I thank all of you for all the Love & Kindness you've ever shown me. (Please Remember from my Heart to Yours...No Act of Love or Kindness Ever Goes Unnoticed.)

    This was written by "John Caltrane" (American jazz saxophonist and composer of the highest order) after a lifetime of struggle with drug abuse. His last years were dedicated to the Glory of Love...

    "First Order...No Matter What, It is with God. He is Gracious and Merciful. His Way is Through Love in Which we All Are. It is Truly, Truly a Love Supreme."

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