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Larry Jones Remembrances

  • 2020-03-05 6:57 PM
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    Cristina (Administrator)

    Lawrence E. Jones June 18, 1943 – December 15, 2019
    Lawrence “Larry” Eugene Jones passed away peacefully at home
    in Santa Cruz on Dec. 15th, 2019 with family and friends by his
    side. He suffered from a neurological degenerative disease.
    Hospice lovingly served him over the previous seven months. He
    was 76 years old.

    Larry was born in Orlando, Florida on June 18, 1943. He lived in
    Santa Cruz for 45 years. He is survived by daughter, Avonel, and
    son, Van. His oldest child, Laurel passed away in Santa Cruz
    eight years ago. His brother, Gerry, and sister, Carla, mourn his
    passing in Orlando. His two stepsons, Chris Rood from Fremont
    and Alex Rood from Oakland also grieve his passing.
    His wife of thirty-five years, Elizabeth Anne, was his main loving caregiver over the past three years.

    She continually reminded him of what a wonderful life they’d had. They had a rich family life with their children and grandchildren. They developed three businesses focused on plant medicine. The first is an essential oil company, Elizabeth Van Buren, which is still manufacturing products with integrity such as lotions, massage
    oils, therapeutic blends, and single note essential oils. The second is the College of Botanical Healing Arts that Elizabeth began with Larry’s help in 1997. It provides quality education on the use of plant medicine.

    The third is Spectrix Labs that Larry developed with his chemical expertise to analyze essential oils and perfumes.

    Larry’s parents, Homer & Lucy Jones, predeceased him. Larry’s early years were filled with creative pursuits. He loved music and picked up a guitar when he was ten years old and immediately started playing.
    His maternal grandfather was an inventor that inspired Larry and Gerry. The two brothers wrote a book, illustrated by Gerry on “Casey Jones” when Larry was in 11th grade. Their mom took them to the local Hobby Shop and they created airplanes, cars, engines, etc. from materials purchased there. Larry created a Rocket Club with his friends, Teddy and Rodney while in High School.

    Larry began a spiritual journey while living in Florida which continued during his college years in Arizona, where he earned a BS. With his first wife, Karyn, and three children, he continued West. In California Larry worked for Hewlett Packard building satellites; later he did research in the chemistry department at UC Santa Cruz.

    Larry applied his mechanical abilities to fixing cars, stereos, home appliances, and bicycles. He applied his talents to all plumbing, electronic, and mechanical issues at home. He often relaxed by taking long-distance bicycle rides, one of his passions.

    His greatest passion, however, was his spiritual journey. With Elizabeth and a large group of friends in Santa Cruz, the Bay Area, and all across the United States, Larry enjoyed fellowship and inspiration among readers of The Urantia Book.

    Whether he was creating Tesla coils or inspiring others with spiritual truths, Larry brought intelligence, gentle humor, and sublime kindness to all his relationships.

    Larry’s friends are welcome to attend a Celebration his life on April 4th, in Bonny Doon. Call 831-425-1882


    Hi friends,

    Francyl was speaking with Elizabeth Jones (Van Buren), who shared that Larry Jones from Santa Cruz made his transition on December 15, after several years of illness.  (Interestingly, before Elizabeth met and married Larry, she and Bob Slagle were together for many years, raising Elizabeth's two boys, which inspired the writing of Bob's family related books -- and they remained life-long friends).

    Liz and Larry created a wonderful home in the Santa Cruz mountains, and hosted a number of very memorable New Year's gatherings, where good food and fellowship, mixed with heart-stirring music from the Holts, Cristina Seaborn and Francyl and I were shared... the stuff of very special memories for many of us with such long Bay Area friendship histories.

    Larry was the sweetest and gentlest of souls, always smiling and offering to help in any way he could.  We would often come in the day before the New Year get togethers, and I so enjoyed working with him and Liz, setting up their living room for those great gatherings of friends.

    Bon Voyage, brother!  Can't wait to catch up with you, before too long

    Marvin Gawryn


    My - how widely the Urantia influences are distributed :

    Back in the mid-1970s Larry Jones lived in Melbourne, Florida, just a breezy 3-hour drive from my home where I had “holed up” with the UB in 1972 to do nothing but read it - contemplate its contents - pray and commune with MICHAEL of Salvington from Part II, newfound cosmic brother and fellow agondonter - rather than the newly re-revealed Jesus of Part IV, my greatly glorified childhood Sunday school coloring-book hero. 

    Christy in a letter had let me know about Larry and his group on the East Florida coast - my very first.    I in Sarasota couldn’t wait for each weekend when I would head out for Melbourne, thrilled to be in the study group of five readers, sleep on the sofa and return Sundays.   

    Larry’s 3 children were Laurel (born BUB - before the UB) and then another daughter Avonal and a son, Van (the steadfast).   Larry moved to CA 2 or 3 years later, much to my disappointment, sadness and chagrin. 

    Larry had completely renovated a nearly ruined upright piano which I enjoyed playing.  His group drew readers from nearby Cocoa and Cocoa Beach and a few small towns along the coast.

    I visited Larry and Elizabeth in Santa Cruz on the 4th of July weekend one year - we went to a mime performance by Errol and Rochelle Strider about amassing possessions.  Later we all played frisbee and enjoyed BBQ and fireworks late into the summer night. 

    Bye for now, Larry.  Please arrange for another “better” first study group for me which will already be regularly meeting on some seraphic schedule where I can learn the first hand basics of acclimatization to the morontia environment and “social scene.”    You’ve departed again, but this time, congratulations, no sighs!

    David Glass

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