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Outreach Materials

This page has been compiled by the Outreach Committee. We encourage you to join us in our various endeavors. Click here to contact us. Let us know what you are interested in and we will gladly help you.

Check out our blog with many of our reports from "the field."

Here is a list of outreach material that you may print and use to distribute as you disseminate the teachings in The Urantia Book.

Cards That Can Be Downloaded and Sent to the Printer
These are just thumbnails. To have the actual printable version sent to you contact the Outreach Committee about any of these designs and let him know which one you are interested in.



Let the Light In

An Endless Voyage of Discovery

Spiritual Perspective Banner

Not all planets—card

Revelation Now Card

If you are interested in any of the above banners or cards...

Ways to Explain The Urantia Book

The Big Questions Workshop

This is the opportunity to initiate an introductory class to be held at churches, community centers, clubhouses, and many other places. It is promoted by advertising in a free paper, on Craigslist, or on

QWhat qualifications would those volunteers have?
AThey need to have the ability to research their area for the availability of a location and resources to get a introductory class together. They need to be able to discuss the various concepts in The Urantia Book with some ease and present it in an organized way. We can help you with this! We are NOT trying to recruit anyone but rather develop relationships.

As an example, the website has been used to effectively advertise a Urantia Book introductory workshop. It's so simple to set up and maintain. Once you've done an introductory session, a Urantia Book study group can be easily formed or new readers can be added to an existing group.

One of the sheets is called "Workshop Process for Facilitators." This is not intended for distribution to the participants unless you're training others to conduct the workshop. Use it to familiarize yourself with the process. The instructions are only intended as guidelines, so feel free to adapt the workshop to suit yourself.

The two sheets, "Dialogue and Debate" and "The Use of Language" are used for preliminary instruction in how to conduct a dialogue among people from different religious backgrounds, which will hopefully be the case with your participants. Use these when there's time for such an orientation before launching into the topics. Notice that the workshop is designed as an interfaith dialogue, using materials from The Urantia Book as a starting point for discussion. This allows participants to be actively involved and express their own understanding of the topics while being exposed to these basic concepts from the book. People who have taken the workshop have been grateful for that approach.

The sheets are coded alphabetically since the order of topics is intentional. Of course you can change the order, but try to see why it is set up that way.

Outreach Using Craigslist or Facebook

In seeking interesting, non-threatening ways to introduce The Urantia Book to thousands of hungry truth seekers who are yearning for such a beautiful revelation, I have come up with an idea that we can all participate in.

It's an idea that started twenty-five years ago when I had an extra phone line put in my house and bought an answering machine so that people could call in and hear a recorded two-minute message about The Urantia Book. Over the years hundreds, if not thousands, of people listened to that message because of a simple ad I would run every week in a local newspaper. I would have little ads that said things like:

  • Atheists! Challenge your beliefs!
  • A truth seeker's papadise!
  • Religion, Science, and Philosophy can be harmonized!
  • Free yourself from fear!
  • You can survive death!
  • Are you spiritually hungry and still searching?
  • Jesus, a fresh new look 2,000 years later.

Mo Siegel and Paula Thompson picked this up and ran with it creating a campaign in the Denver/Boulder area that was seen by thousands. 

Today we have so many new tools at our fingertips and it occurred to me that this method could be morphed into something different but powerful.

So, what I have done is listed an ad on Craigslist in the "General" section which is under "Community." It's very, very simple to place an ad on If you would like to try this in your area, and need any help, please contact me. In the subject line of the ad I simply say "You can survive death!" 

Then I put in the Body of the ad the following:

For a free taped message about The Urantia Book call 800-288-3772 or read it here:

The Urantia Book's contents are staggering in their scope and diversity. The Urantia Book has thousands of readers the world over. If you haven't heard of it it's probably because it hasn't been publicized or commercialized. It's not a cult with any strange rules or practices. There are no dues to pay and no human being to exalt in connection with the book.

The Urantia Book is to be used, as a springboard for developing a personal relationship with God. Jesus said, "In preaching the gospel of the kingdom, you are simply teaching friendship with God." Nothing is more important than a firsthand experience of God, and realizing that we can have a loving relationship with God, for ourselves and in our own lives. The Urantia Book fosters tolerance for all sincere efforts to find God, and is true to the teaching of acceptance, forgiveness and love which Jesus so graciously lived 2000 years ago.

The book offers a very straightforward, commonsense approach to God, the universe, our planet and mankind. It plausibly answers the seemingly unanswerable questions like; What happens when we die? How will we ever all learn to get along? Are we the only intelligent beings in the universe? Can religion, science, and philosophy be unified and harmonized? Who are we and where are we going? What is the purpose of life? Why do bad things happen to good people? You will find The Urantia Book's answers to be a revelation beyond imagination. The answers are logical and unequivocal.

The Urantia Book doesn't dull life, it sharpens it. It doesn't attempt to set you apart as a saint in an Godless world. No matter what religion you are, or even if you have no religion, The Urantia Book will intrigue and inspire you.

Go ahead, be skeptical! Get the book for yourself and read it. If it brings an unexplained smile to your face and rings the chord of truth in your heart, you may decide, as so many have, that it's true. The Urantia Book removes fear and doubt and restores faith. It opens hearts to the reality of God's love and to the fact that we live in friendly and well-ordered universe. It offers humanity a wonderful new perspective on our world. That's why we want to share it.

You can find the book in libraries and bookstores and read and listen to it free online, just search U-R-A-N-T-I-A Book. There are also study groups in most US cities. If you would like more information about the book or a list of study groups you can go to our website at or leave your email address and we'll send you a list of ways to access the book for free online.

This script is very similar to the original but Paula made a few changes that, I think, make it really good. I am also including a picture of the book cover on the Craigslist post. I'm using the new cover because I like it better than the one we have now. 

When you call in you'll hear Paula speak it which is really nice to hear. She's got one of those warm, sincere, and persuasive voices that is easy to listen to.

We just happen to obtain an extra 1-800 number and this was the perfect opportunity to implement this program again. 

Please consider doing this in your area. 

go on to
go to "Community" => "General" then in the top right corner you see "Post." Just click that and then fill in the subject line (as I've suggested here or come up with your own one-liner), then fill in the body of the thing just like an email using the above 800 number and text. You can start an account and there is no charge or big forms to fill out. Keep your ad updated monthly. 

Here are some other ideas for one-liners to put in your "subject line."
  • The Urantia Book: Simply the most important book on our world!
  • How to Be Happy
  • Synthesizing Science and Religion
  • Effective Prayer
  • Angels: Their Purpose and Function
  • Primary Priorities in Life: The Art of Living
  • Relationships are Eternal Things: Ends in and of Themselves
  • The Phenomenon of Mind and its Relationship to Spirituality
  • Marriage and Family: Partnering with The Opposite Sex and Partner Choosing
  • Education: What Should Our Priorities Be in the Twenty-first Century and Beyond
  • The Life and Teachings of Jesus: What is his REAL GOSPEL?
  • The Future: What to Expect

Good luck and contact me if you need any help.
Andrea Barnes
Click here for a printable version of this outreach idea

Information on how to help with or acquire spiritual vitamins

Put up Flyers in Your Area

Wherever you go take flyers with you. Print up some of the brochures that you see listed below and keep them with you. Post them on billboards, leave them in restrooms, gas stations, in bookstores, etc.

Planning and Executing an Expo in your area

Having an expo in your area with a booth set up for The Urantia Book is easy and fun. The Outreach Committee of The Urantia Book Fellowship will help you every step of the way. All you need to do is find an expo that is close by going to these websites:

Then you find a few people (three to four) that want to help you run the booth, although it is not advisable to have more than two or three readers in the booth at one time. Let us know your dates and we can ship the books and materials you'll need and, if possible, come and help you with the expo.

Guidelines for running a booth
Sign-up sheet

Cosmic Cafe

The intention of a "Cosmic Café" is to provide regularly scheduled, focused discussions that enhance spiritual awareness such that all involved are uplifted and transformed by the experience. This leads to meeting your community and discussing topics where The Urantia Book can easily be brought up.

This is not a direct way to introduce the book but rather a great way to meet new friends. Many times the opportunity arises for a discussion of the book as a natural course of meeting these new, like-minded friends. So the Cosmic Café is a weekly opportunity for spiritually minded individuals to connect in a friendly, supportive, and yet neutral environment to share ideas, insights and beliefs for the betterment of the whole (each individual).

Interfacing with LDS Members—by Len McKee

There are so many interesting parallels between the Mormon Religion and The Urantia Book. Many believe that perhaps Joseph Smith received a revelation that paved the way for the Fifth Epochal Revelation. If you consider that the early Mormons took the blows of persecution, literally, that we do not have to endure today by espousing "another bible." Their prophecy says that they will be tested and if "they are deemed worthy" will receive another revelation.

We may stimulate the LDS (Mormon) community to "consider" that the Urantia Papers could be the "Greater Record to Come" so heavily alluded to in LDS scripture. The materials here include an open discussion regarding the "greater portion" or "sealed portion" once prophesied to come that would contain:

  • "the mysteries of the universe"
  • "time and revolutions of time"
  • "whether there be one God or many Gods"
  • "all things from the beginning of time to the end thereof"
  • "the greater things Jesus taught"
  • and the "more full story of Adam and Eve."

Can we look forward to the day when the LDS leadership will announce to their membership that they are free to study the Urantia Papers without any retribution from church leadership?

Here are some resources:

Outside of Brochure

Inside of Brochure

Are You Interested in Interfacting with Emergent Christians?

You may have heard about the Emergent Church phenomenon. There are emergent churches nationwide, many are involved with the Emergent Village. Their inquisitive and intuitive approach to reimagine Jesus’ message began in the late 90's in cohorts, pubs, and conferences. Their love for the heart of Jesus’ teachings brings them together, and you can imagine the cacophony of perspectives that pepper the conversation! Most of these vibrant personalities are in their thirties and forties and are amazingly responsive to the Spirit of Truth, breaking through the rigid dogmatism of centuries. These people can be prime candidates to hear about The Urantia Book. Pamela Chaddock has fully immersed herself in this movement and attends many of their conferences across the US throughout the year. She is happy to coach anyone interested in this movement. For more details about this contact the Outreach Committee.

Click here for the full article from Pamela.

Speak to Groups About The Urantia Book

Many churches (especially Unity and many new age churches) will allow you to speak at their church and discuss The Urantia Book. Simply contact the minister to find out about when you can have the class. We've done this after the Sunday service and had up to 23 people show up for. Here is a speech that can be used and modified for your particular group.


Other downloadable files for use in outreach

Big Blue Book App

Did you know that the entire Urantia Book is available on your iPhone or other portable device? Just go to your app. area and type in Big Blue Book. You'll see it's available from Dandelion Applications. Todd, who created this says "Something like 1 out of every 5 people with a smartphone have an iPhone these days. Each of them has a simple-to-use, unabridged, complimentary copy of the book waiting for them, if only they knew. While a good number of people continue to find and download it every day, especially by UB distribution standards, there's plenty of more room for people to get their hands on a copy of the book through this route."

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