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The MetaValues Breakthrough by Larry Mullins

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Product Code: 6371 - Meta Values Published by Nothing like The MetaValues Breakthrough has ever been published before. In these pages you will learn the scientific facts about the values that drive and inspire the top one percent of humankind, the Self-Actualizing elite. They are an elite of character and service to humankind, not of station or power. In The MetaValues Breakthrough, you will learn how Self-Actualizers made a connection with the MetaValues of Truth, Beauty and Goodness and were lifted out of difficult and sometimes even tragic circumstances. These “ordinary” people found their unfinished lives transformed from stultifying and dull to magnificent and unforgettable. And you will learn how you can elevate your own life and the lives of those around you to another level. Soft Cover, 206 pages, Illustrated.

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