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An Idiot's Tale by R.F. Lieske

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Product Code: 6213- An Idiots Tales Published by An Idiot's Tale by R.F. Lieske An Idiot's Tale: The Lost Writings of Rapunzel" recounts the true story of a remarkable half-breed; half-human and half-angel. Rapunzel is no mere fairy maid--but a woman of extraordinary gifts and an exceedingly active scalp. Born in an age of Plague and witch hunts, when a woman's intelligence could easily be seen as the Devil's work, she must conceal her true nature and somehow forge a destiny she can bear. In the process, she must escape diminishment, religious superstition and an unexpected romance with her humor and dignity intact. "An Idiot's Tale" is a sharp and funny commentary on the media--and a romantic slide into a world where living truth really does save the day. This book makes the perfect gift for anyone who enjoys superbly written literature and a good story. Taking the known story of Rapunzel as a foundation, Lieske quickly expands it to a depth that incorporates the superstitious religious milieu of the Middle Ages and the struggles of a spiritually gifted woman. Rapunzel must deal with her miraculous hair in a culture in which the slightest deviance can bring about charges of witchcraft and death. Rapunzel's journey becomes the reader's journey into new twists on an ancient tale.

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