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Second Miler Grant Program -
Pato Banton

This project was submitted by Pato Banton and is titled:


The project is to create a Music CD and Global Website promoting the various forms of art created by readers of The Urantia Book from around the world. The top image on this page is just a few of the many artists already on the developing website: Urantia Artisans.

From Pato: “After touring the world and meeting so many talented UB Readers, I thought it would be awesome to have us all in one Inspirational Arena Of Sharing! By bringing such a diverse range of art and artists from all over the world into one arena, it will also attract a broad range of people (especially young people) from around the world and expose them to The Urantia Book. When each artist shares the website to their audience through their various Social Media Pages and Groups, the numbers of people visiting the site could reach hundreds of thousands quite easily." 

Each artist will have their own profile section highlighting their art with statements of how The Urantia Book has transformed their lives, inspired their art and how they share the Revelation with others. It will also feature a free music download of some of the Uplifting Positive Vibrations. 

African Musical Artist/Producer "Kwadjo Spiri" invites Pato Banton & Antoinette "Roots Dawtah" Hall to Accra Ghana to collaborate on this beautiful song and video.

The Urantia Book Fellowship is helping with costs involved in building the Urantia Artisans website and in paying for studio hours for the CD. 

Much progress has already been made on the  Urantia Artisans website. The images at the top of the page are just a small sampling of the number of artists already being highlighted.
Enjoy, on this page, the song and video collaboration between African Musical Artist/Producer "Kwadjo SPiRi", Pato Banton,  Antoinette "Roots Dawtah", and African Musical Artist/Producer "Kwadjo Spiri". You can find more of Kwadjo SPiRi's work along with many other artists' works on the website.


April 10: Pato's inspiration is nourished by the positive interactions he's had communicating with so many Urantia Inspired Artists from around the world: “What started out as a simple website to promote 10 UB Artists has now expanded to over 50 Artisans, a digital music CD and much more! Our next step is to find ways to create new projects together and hopefully perform together and share our talents jointly for The Urantia Book Community and the general public.”

In addition, Pato and Antoinette created a new song dedicated to Golden Rule Day. They created this beautiful video for the Ethiopian Ambassador of Peace who has been a Urantia Book Reader for over 40 years.

Pato and Antoinette work continuously through many avenues to promote a spirit of unity. You can find The Words of Christ 7CD Box Set at the UrantiaArtisans website. You can also check out the project, a plan to create a garden temple and a community focused on humanitarian services and spiritual outreach.

The Urantia Book Fellowship would like to thank supporters of the Second Miler Grant Program for helping make possible this project and all the others the program has funded since 2020.

See Pato's interview with Paula Thompson where he talks about his project. The beginning of Pato's interview is about 30 minutes into the video.

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