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Second Miler Grant Program -Moses Kaharwa

This project was submitted by Moses Kaharwa: The Fifth Epochal Revelation Urantia Book Fellowship Kaliro Uganda: To engage local leaders to have regular village level meetings to share Urantia Book teachings in their local communities.

Moses has engaged additional group leaders to facilitate study of The Urantia Book: Caroline Musagala Kaharwa, Musinguzi Reagan, Stella Jackline Wagabona, Lwembawo Robert, Yawe Deo Titus.

The team hopes to have the following outcomes:

  • Increased awareness of the personal relationship we must have with our Universal father.

  • Increased services within our societies as a result of people knowing the will of the Father.

  • Create enthusiasm about this new revelation with serious and active participation of members in all groups at regular meetings.

  • Create a new and able Urantia book readers’ group around our communities.

When Moses read the book for the first time his beliefs were truly impacted. He hopes to help bring spiritual change among the people of his community. The Kemp family has also served as great inspiration to Moses. 

The Urantia Book Fellowship is helping with costs involved in creating communications support for the team as they go from village to village. As you can see in the photo below (also showing the Fellowship’s Pipeline of Light program support) there is some interest in the revelation that we all hope will grow.


December 2020:

His team was able to attend to 150 Church leaders and Moses gave out 60 Urantia books and formed 60 UB Reader groups. Each group has a leader responsible for mobilizing the team meetings each week to study and discuss The Urantia Book

The Urantia Book Fellowship would like to thank supporters of the Second Miler Grant Program for helping make possible this project and all the others the program has funded since 2020.

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