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Second Miler Grant Program -
gard Jameson, Bobbie Dreier, and Cristina SEaborn

Gard Jameson, Bobbie Dreier, and Cristina Seaborn submitted this grant request. The title of the project is “Sources of Revelatory Insight: A Meditation on the Human Authors”.

They are creating a magazine to provide an examination of how the Urantia revelatory commission used the insights of various human authors whose texts were part of the 

production of The Urantia Book. The inspired writings of these authors reveal the power of personal revelation in the life of a truth seeking mortal.

The project has been created with gratitude to Steve Dreier, who has been friend, teacher, and inspiration in these essays, and to Matthew Block who has been a relentless pioneer in the discovery of the texts.

There has been much discussion about the source materials, but very few people have undertaken a serious study. Those who have studied the source materials have achieved a greatly enhanced understanding of the parallel passages in The Urantia Book. It is hoped that the essays in the magazine will create some familiarity with the value of source materials and encourage others to undertake the study. 

Some of the most extraordinary scientists, philosophers, and theologians, explorers of fact, meaning, and value, were incorporated in the creation of the text of The Urantia Book. 

A Divine Counselor acknowledges the use of these authors stating that The Revelatory Commission was: “guided by the mandate of the superuniverse rulers which directs that we shall, in all our efforts to reveal truth and co-ordinate essential knowledge, give preference to the highest existing human concepts pertaining to the subjects to be presented.” [0:12.11 (16.8)]

In The Urantia Book, autorevelation is described as follows: “Truth is always a revelation: autorevelation when it emerges as a result of the work of the indwelling Adjuster.” [101:4.3 (1109.4)] It is possible that the work of the source authors was a result of this type of autorevelation. 

The Urantia Book revelators used these inspired works to make the material more accessible to human minds. Perhaps they did so since the words of human beings would likely be easier for us to understand.

When readers have an appreciation that the inspired writing of religious, philosophical and scientific scholars contributed to the revelation of living truth, that appreciation may contribute to each reader's spiritual transformation.

A serious study of the source materials was the work Steve Dreier was doing before he graduated. Steve believed that a study of the source materials would lead to enhanced understanding of many of the concepts in The Urantia Book. The celestial authors extracted those human thoughts that best expressed revelatory concepts to the human mind.   Steve believed that in addition to acknowledging the parallel statements, a serious study of the human texts helped him understand revelation more fully. He often pointed out that you could compare a passage in The Urantia Book to the text that was used by the Urantia Book source authors. Then, when he studied the context of those passages that were used in the creation of the text in The Urantia Book his comprehension of revelation was deeply enhanced. The hope is that others will have this expanded insight.

The Urantia Book Fellowship grant will help with the costs of publishing the magazine.


Sources of Revelatory Insight: A Meditation on the Human Authors” was published in January 2022 and you can download it as a 40-page pdf here.

The Urantia Book Fellowship would like to thank supporters of the Second Miler Grant Program for helping make possible this project and all the others the program has funded since 2020.

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