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Dick and Peggy Johnson Remembrances

  • 2020-04-02 1:50 PM
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    Cristina (Administrator)

    Hello my family,

    Our brother Dick Johnson graduated from Urantia yesterday morning.  I had the privilege of spending the last couple of days with Dick and his family.  While the experience is still fresh in my mind I would like to share with you.

    For those that missed the opportunity of knowing Dick and Peggy Johnson throughout the years I will try and inform as briefly as possible.  They made a HUGE impact on the people they touched, the place they lived, (Phoenix), and the revelation they so steadfastly promoted throughout their lives.  Even though Peggy left 14 years ago it is impossible to separate their lives.  Those two became what marriage and family were meant to be.  Let’s start at the beginning.

    Dick and Peggy were married in 1950.  Dick was 23 and Peggy was 24.  Theirs is a powerful testimony of how Spirit can change your life no matter how far you’ve drifted into darkness.  Dick joined Alanon in 1971 and Peggy joined Alcoholics Anonymous in 1972.  And to make matters sweeter, the Urantia Book found Dick in a bookstore in 1972.  And so their spiritual transformation began. 

    In 1977 Peggy and Dick founded “Gifts-anon,” a gift and bookstore, the first of its kind, but not the last, that raised funds and supported the activities of Al-anon.  The non-profit is still in existence today, open for business, continuing to support thousands of families and friends of alcoholics. 

    In 1980 Dick and Peggy helped found “Faithhouse,” a shelter for abused women and children of alcoholics.  Thousands of women and children have been rescued and moved on to more functional lives throughout the years because of their efforts and today the organization has grown in to multiple agencies.

    Dick and Peggy didn’t just “boardroom” start these agencies, they lived and breathed them.  That population became their ministry.  They served with God, the wonderful God of our revelation!  The wonderful God of love.  They never took credit for any of the work they did.  Humble, Spirit guided, dedicated, focused, faith filled that the Father would provide.  Our brother and sister… cool is that!

    0utside of their organizational work they truly ministered as they passed by.  It was a frequent habit of theirs to bring home fellow sojourners who, for one reason or another, found themselves homeless and without the love of another of God’s children.  They would feed them, clothe them, love them, welcome them into the family of God, and then send them on their way the next day.  That is courage in action!

    Dick and Peggy hosted a study group for over 40 years!  They were instrumental in forming the Grand Canyon Urantia Society, the first under the leadership of the Fellowship.  They mentored and encouraged several readers and were always there to support the spiritual growth of others whether they be in the family or not.

    Two days ago while loving on Dick, I asked him to give me two highlights of his life.  Without hesitation he responded, his family first and foremost, and secondly, the opportunity to work with others to see that no human organization, no matter how well intended, would ever control the 5th Epochal Revelation.

    Dick and Peggy Johnson, two children of God, extraordinaire! 

    Johnson, Richard Ernest
    After 88 years of loving service, Richard Ernest Johnson, has left the planet and begun his great Paradise Adventure! He will soon be reunited with his beloved wife, Peggy McMahon Johnson who preceded him in death 14 years prior. Dick, as known to most of his friends (Dad to us) was born November 2nd 1927 in Palo Alto, California, to Ernest and Helen Johnson, and left for Paradise on July 18th 2016. Richard is preceded in death by his son, Michael Johnson, his parents, Ernest & Helen; and the love of his life Peggy; his Brothers Jimmy & Tony, and sister Sharon. He is survived by his four remaining children, Karen Johnson Allen, Richard Johnson, Leslie Johnson, Sheri Johnson Moore and grandchildren Kerri Johnson, Brendan Allen, Jeremy Allen, Nicholas Allen, Tristan Allen, Joshua Moore and Samantha Moore. Dick and Peggy were married in 1950. Theirs is a powerful testimony of how Spirit can change your life no matter how far you've drifted into darkness. Dick joined Al-Anon in 1971 and Peggy joined AA in 1972. And to make matters sweeter, "The Urantia Book" found him in a bookstore in 1972. And so their spiritual transformation began. In 1974 Dick & Peggy helped found the "Faith House - Villa de Fidelis," a shelter for women and children of violent alcoholics. Today the organization has grown into multiple agencies and is called "Stepping Stones" and "Little Candle Community" for adolescents; and in 1977 Peggy and Dick helped found "Gifts-Anon," and inspirational 12-step related book and gifts shop. It was a frequent habit of his to bring home strays (hitch-hikers). Dad would counsel them, help them find work, put them up and feed them for a night if need be. After his spiritual transformation his Law practice went from litigation to arbitration, quite often counseling couples into reconciliation rather than officiating their divorce. He turned countless souls onto a more spiritual path. Dick and Peggy hosted a Urantia Book study group for 45 years. They were instrumental in forming the Grand Canyon Urantia Society. He served on the General Council of the Urantia Book Fellowship from 1994 to 2001. He stepped down to take care of our Mom. To sum up Dick's life, "Service" was his watchword. Dick donated his remains to science, and a memorial service will be held at a later date where friends & family will gather and celebrate his brilliant life. In lieu of Flowers, Dick Johnson asks that donations be made to the Urantia Book Fellowship, PO Box 6631, Broomfield, CO 80021

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