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Lynne Nork

  • 2022-01-16 9:43 AM
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    Sally (Administrator)

    Submitted by Anthony Finstad

    My longtime friend and founding member of Pilot Light Urantia Society of Seattle, Lynne Nork, passed away peacefully in her sleep on January 11, 2022. 

    Lynne was diagnosed with small cell lung cancer in late June of 2020. She put up the good fight with a well prepared naturopathic approach as well as embracing some more traditional western medicine treatments but the disease eventually spread to her other organs and she graduated quickly and peacefully after a few days in ICU. Our dear friend Tom Choquette was involved in helping her tremendously which included getting her into the hospital and ministering to her needs there. Tom and I were like her two big brothers. She reached out to us often. 

    During her last days she was unable to speak much at all but I was able to connect with her by phone (I’ve been in Arizona) to tell her I love her and say goodbye.  I first met Lynne in 1985 and we stayed in touch ever sense. I attended her wedding and saw her son born. 

    Ms Nork was born on June 17, 1958. She was 63 years old.  Lynne was the devoted mother of two children - Andrea and Robbie - and the grandmother of two who are now both late teenagers. Andrea and her family live in Petersburg, Alaska, where Lynne was hopeful of retiring. Lynne and her longtime boyfriend Henry, we’re in the process of building a cabin about 10 miles outside of Petersburg. Her dream was not to be finalized but I know she enjoyed the process as they nearly finished the cabin project. Whenever I talked with Lynne I know this brought her great joy. 

    Lynne was a self-employed hard working landscaper and gardener. She loved getting her hands in the soil and she self-identified as a “dirt queen.”  She was also an amazing basket weaver which became her great passion over the last decade or more. I know she took a lot of classes and went to several basket weaving retreats.

    Lynne was an active in all the PLUSS programs and core participant of the Bothell study group in the 80’s and 90’s. Lynne had a bright mind and I think most of us found her very opinionated. She may not of been the most tactful person in the room, but like most of us, she grew in grace over time and with the help of the group process - the teamwork experience - she developed more tolerance. I know that she was always determined to show up and add her thoughts and volunteer her talents. I was always very impressed by that. She lived in the Carnation Valley for most of her life and commuting into Seattle was not always easy. Lynne and Lyman (who were in partnership for many years. Lyman graduated several years earlier) were a very colorful addition to our Seattle Urantia community. I know my daughters loved to be in their company. They brought fun to every gathering!

    Lynne overcame a lot in her life and her strong faith in a Loving Creator was at her core. The disease that took her mortal life was not her first cancer rodeo. She had a difficult childhood, many health concerns, single parented a highly active boy, yet she never complained. She never doubted God or the epochal revelation we carry in our hands and in our hearts.  

    I loved her laugh. It was big and sincere and infectious. I will miss her. And so it is that we have yet another dear friend to get reacquainted with on the Mansion Worlds.

    See you there, Lynne. Well done sister!


    Anthony Finstad

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