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Website overview

Welcome to the Urantia Book Fellowship website!

An explanation of the features is below but we want to invite you to give us any feedback you have about the website. We are eager to continuously improve the site and have an enhancement list that we are slowly working through.

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The site comes with very specific goals and features.  Some of the features include:

YOUR ACCOUNT: A Customized Experience for Official Fellowship readers and Members 

The accounts in this website are the primary database for the Urantia Book Fellowship. The following notes explain the benefits of updating your account and how to do make changes.

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  • Ability to contact other readers throughout the world: How To Connect
  • Ease of communication with other official Urantia Book Fellowship Members using Member Forums 
  • All Members are directed to a customized home page based on their role within the Fellowship. Also, the "Our Organization" menu is also customized based on your society/committee participation.
  • Ability to easily locate and read particular publications
  • Enhanced research capabilities
  • If you are an official Urantia Book Fellowship Member, you can read minutes from General Council meetings. Click here to learn more about the our Member application process.


We may have already prepared an account for you. If so, you can use your email address to log in to your member profile. If you need to you can reset your password and an email will be sent to you to reset.

Once you're logged in, you will be prompted to accept the terms and conditions. Next, you can go into your profile to update and verify your contact information, and set your privacy settings as desired.

To fully utilize the features of our website and participate in our organization, we encourage you to apply to become an official member.

Click here for information about Membership in the Urantia Book Fellowship.

If you'd like to be of service to the revelation and our organization, please update your profile to indicate your availability to volunteer, and any skills you may wish to contribute with.  The harvest is plentiful but the laborers are few!

To Learn More about working with your account

To learn more about how to use our website platform, click here to watch an introductory video produced by Wild Apricot.
Note that the Wild Apricot video instructions talk about "unpaid invoices" for paid memberships. The Urantia Book Fellowship does not currently charge for memberships so you can ignore that part for now.
Topics and video index time stamps for the information are below:

- How to set up an account: 0:13

- How to change your password: 2:04

- How to edit your privacy settings: 3:54

- How to subscribe or unsubscribe from information sent from the Fellowship: 5:05

- Renewing your membership. There are no dues but members are expected to log in and update their membership and information once a year: 6:15

- Changing your membership level if you want to designate yourself as a Website Registrant. (Members, General Councilors and Executive Committee members are changed by a website administrator.): 7:45 

- Viewing invoices and payments (currently not relevant to the Fellowship website): 9:01

Navigation that is Persona Based

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This website's features, navigation, and design are based on user personas, which define the goals of website visitors.

Discover: For website visitors who are not very familiar with The Urantia Book. This is actually our “home” page, when you are not logged in. Since this page is intended for people new to The Urantia Book, our focus is to have only items here that are NOT for people who are experienced with The Urantia Book. We expect that if someone gets to this page who is already aware of The Urantia Book, they can do some work to find their way around. Whereas, with newer people, we want to see if we can get them to stay long enough to gain more interest, before exploring additional details. In other words, we want to decrease our bounce rate.

Connect With Others: For visitors who want to network with others.

Service Opportunities: Primarily for people who are interested in sharing The Urantia Book with others, although we expect other service opportunities to be posted here in the future.

Read/Research: For people who want to study The Urantia Book or download different versions of The Urantia Book and possibly explore other related resources.

Our Organization: For people who either want to learn more about us or who are members of the Urantia Book Fellowship.

AN OnLine Urantia Book

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Resources in this online Urantia Book include the following (please see above image for reference):

  • Note: These features appear whenever any pages of the book are displayed, so you will need to navigate to a page of the book to see these features.
  • A 1924 Edition Meriam-Webster dictionary (hover over the “W”)
  • Recommended research links to other articles related to the paper you are reading that help explain or interpret that particular paper (hover over the yellow page icon and the links will appear if there are any related to that paper). These links are being added to over time by our website team. If you have any articles you would like recommended to see for a particular paper, please let us know.
  • Viewing controls that allow text resizing, text reference numbers toggle, and Jesus text red-lettering (hover over “Viewing Options”)

  • A link to listen to The Urantia Book read to you. Click on the play button to listen (please see above image for reference).

The Best Urantia Book Search Engine Ever! 

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Enter a search term in the lower search field (“Urantia Book Search”), and the search engine will open on top of the page you're currently viewing. You can see that the page you are in will drop below the search results. You can than easily X out and return back to the website page.  (Please see below image for reference.)

  • You can see the Quick Start Guide by clicking on the question mark in the box to the right of the search button. (Please see above image for reference.)
  • For more details about The Urantia Book Search Engine, check out the user guide:

The Urantia Book Glossary

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Multiple User-Specific Views of Our Resources Found Throughout the Website

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For example, Research Resources. 


For usage instructions click the blue ball with the letter "i" in it (with hover text "How to use this page") which is in the light blue area on the left. 

Maps That Will Allow You To Send a Message to Readers

We have included a Member Map that will allow you to send a message to Fellowship Members located anywhere in the world, and a Study Group Map so you can find a Urantia Book Study Group anywhere in the world.  Note that you must be logged into your account to use the website messaging system. 

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Use these tools to network with others and form a new study group or charter a society, or to plan a visit to someone when you are traveling.

Note: This tool does not expose any emails or personally-identifiable information. If you do not wish to receive messages (through the site) from others you can edit the privacy settings in your profile.  No messages can be sent to you unless someone is logged in as a Urantia Book Fellowship Member.


As a non-profit, we also depend on donations from readers around the world.  If you wish to donate, please pay a visit to our donation portal.  We would be most grateful for any contribution, either one-time or recurring.

Also, you can also use Amazon’s portal to have Amazon donate to the Urantia Book Fellowship without any cost to you.
Click here to sign up to have Amazon donate to the Urantia Book Fellowship whenever you make an Amazon Smile purchase.

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