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Second Miler Grant Program -
Bishop Joseph Oyuki

Joseph Oyuki is the Bishop of several hundred Pastors with a Mother Church located in Jinja Uganda.

He immediately recognized the value of The Urantia Book and has been openly doing outreach of the revelation knowing full well he would meet resistance from the Christian Community.

His ministry brings the Gospel of Jesus to very remote villages that many of the wealthier churches ignore. It is thought that the churches ignore these villages as the people there are among the poor of Uganda that require assistance rather than those people with sufficient means to support the church.

Bishop Oyuki applied for the grant to increase the outreach of those Pastors who have now engaged in the study of the revelation. There are many small remote villages glad to hear the good news in the pages of our revelation but no Pastors to bring it to them. So he is equipping them with bicycles to more than triple the area of their ministries. He created this graphic to represent his project.

This provision of bicycles is the exact method Christian Missionaries applied to rapidly expand the Churches in Cuba that is presently experiencing a very rapid growth of Christian Churches throughout the population.

In Uganda there is not only a transportation problem but also a lack of good communications especially in the many small villages. These bicycles also provide a method where these Pastors can meet at the Mother Church in Jinja.

Bishop Oyuki created a video of one of the pastors talking about the project and the reception of the people to The Urantia Book. You can watch that video here.

The Urantia Book Fellowship helped with the purchase of the bicycles and, using the Pipeline of Light program, helped with the purchase of books.


August 2023. Over the course of three years, Bishop Oyuki has purchased 30 bicycles with the aid of Fellowship grants. He reports that leaders given these bikes have successfully developed and nurtured groups in different villages. His next goal is to buy another 16 bicycles to expand his project.

The Urantia Book Fellowship would like to thank supporters of the Second Miler Grant Program for helping make possible this project and all the others the program has funded since 2020.

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