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General Council (GC) Membership Application

The General Council is a deliberative body which guides the overall direction of The Urantia Book Fellowship. The GC elects the Fellowship's 5 officers as well as the chairmen/women who head up our 9 standing committees. These committees are grouped and lead by three Service Team Chairs. The Executive Committee is made up of the officers and the Service Team Chairs.

The GC also has the power to change the Fellowship's Constitution and By-laws. You can read more about the General Council Constitution and By-laws from The Urantia Book Fellowship Constitution.

You can see profiles of our current members here.

Membership on the GC traditionally involves attending two meetings per year. Meetings are held over a weekend in a variety of locations across North America. Meetings typically occur in February (in a warm climate) and again at the close of, and in conjunction with, the Fellowship's summer conference. Covid-19 has caused us to approach our meetings differently. In February we met over Zoom and will again this Summer when we meet on Saturday and Sunday, July 18 and 19. We are generally working to make these meetings more accessible so cost for travel is not an issue though it is always wonderful to physically be together. All members are welcome to attend the General Council Meetings.

Physical meetings typically begin on Friday evening at 7pm and run for 3 hours, then resume on Saturday for 8 hours and again on Sunday for 3 hours, ending at noon. Saturday night is usually held open for a social with readers from the area where the meeting is held.

We vary the location of meetings to allow for this social time and to facilitate local readers getting to know the leaders of the Fellowship. This event is often a highlight at Council meetings. Sometimes another day may be added to the GC meeting for a retreat.

Meeting agendas typically consist of reports by the officers and standing committee chairs, discussion of policy, and proposals for new arenas of service and dissemination. Meetings are presided over by the Fellowship's President and are run according to Robert’s Rules of Order.

It's important to note that Councillors are typically expected to cover their own costs to attend meetings. This includes travel to the meeting, hotel room, and meals. Occasional financial assistance may be available to Councillors if circumstances leave them unable to meet these expenses.

Being on the Fellowship's General Council is an amazing experience. Some General Councillors have served for 2, 3 and 4, 9-year terms. Lifelong friendships are established and the beauties of deliberation, group wisdom, and teamwork are illuminated in remarkable and inspiring ways.

Also, most of the work in the Fellowship is done by Councillors working on committees. If, after reading this and checking in with our Father, you feel you would like to join the long list of General Councillors who have served the Urantia movement faithfully for 65 years, you can submit your application online or using a paper entry.

Online Entry (Preferred)

You can enter your application information into your profile on our website. If you are not yet a member, go to the website and choose Fellowship Member here:

Then fill out the part of your profile called “GC Membership Application” at the bottom of the profile. In your profile, you can optionally upload any additional files about your background.

If you are already a member, click on your name at the top of the screen. Choose edit profile and scroll to the bottom of the profile to fill out "GC Membership Application". Be sure to click "yes" for "Apply for the General Council."

Paper Entry

There is an Application for Organizational Service form here.

Once you fill out this form, make a digital copy of it and send it and a photo of yourself to

Thanks in advance for your consideration and your willingness to serve!

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