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Superuniverse Speculations on the Scale of Orvonton by Tom Allen

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Product Code: 6219 - Superuniverse Speculations Published by Superuniverse Speculations on the Scale of Orvonton by Tom Allen What is the scale of Orvonton? The Urantia papers give intriguing clues to answer this question, but the mystery remains. Many different models seek to define the extent of the superuniverse. The conclusion by Tom Allen is that based on the astronomy descriptions in the Urantia papers with the most measured evidence of current astronomic thinking and language interpretation, he plausibly concludes that the Milky Way is the presently organized and partially inhabited core of the superuniverse of Orvonton and that the local group is the raw material for the eventual completion of Orvonton. Ongoing star formation in diffuse nebulae within the Milky Way and our local group, coupled with the eventual amalgamation, organization and inhabitation of the seventy plus gravitationally bound local group galaxies and possible outlying galaxies into the Milky Way, constitute the embryonic matrix of Orvonton. Complicated? Yes, but one of the most interesting topics on astronomy in the Urantia Book. Make up your own mind from this comprehensive research into the mysteries of the scale of Orvonton.

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