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Angelesis by John VanOrsdell

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Product Code: 6061 Published by ANGELESIS - A DIVINE INCARNATION by John VanOrsdell At precisely 3:00 AM, after a century of silent slumber, the Western Union telegraph exhibit at the Smithsonian suddenly burst loudly back to life, sounding acoustic alarms brings guards running. The telegraph is repeating the decoded message: "THE METHOD BY WHICH YOU RECEIVE THIS COMMUNICATION DEMONSTRATES IT COULD NOT POSSIBLY BE OF EARTHLY ORIGIN (STOP) THE TEXT WHICH FOLLOWS IS TO BE DELIVERED TO YOUR EXECUTIVE HEAD OF GOVERNMENT FOR IMMEDIATE ACTION (STOP) PRESERVE THE MECHANISM OF THIS COMMUNICATION FOR POSSIBLE FUTURE USE (STOP)" Thus begins a fast-paced, one of a kind, celestial tale of Divine Intervention in earthly affairs. Pick it up and you won't put it down!

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