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Jesus of Nazareth:
Outline for a Study of His Life and Teachings

by Meredith J. Sprunger

The Setting of the Seventh Bestowal of Christ Michael

  • 1. Paradise Sons and their planetary missions. [20:5.1]
    • a. Creator Sons - the Michaels. Paper 21
      • 1) Creators of local universes
      • 2) Sevenfold bestowal requirements of sovereignty
    • b. Magisterial Sons - the Avonals [20:2.1]
      • 1) Judicial actions as dispensation terminators. [20:3.1]
      • 2) Magisterial missions in which they appear as an adult of the realm and act as teachers and guides. [20:4.1]
      • 3) Bestowal missions in which they are born of woman in one of the races of a planet and serve as Christ Michael served on Urantia in His bestowal mission.
    • c. Trinity Teacher Sons - the Daynals [20:9.1]
      • )Teachers of moral enlightenment and spiritual development of all spirit personalities
      • ) When evolutionary worlds are ready to initiate a spiritual age of Light and Life the Trinity Teacher Sons volunteer for this service.
  • 2. Background and preparation for bestowal mission
    • a. On typical planets the background preparation consists of:
      • ) Teaching of Planetary Prince and his staff
      • ) The racial, agricultural, scientific, industrial, and philosophic achievements of the Materials Sons.
      • ) World-wide spiritual enlightenment and economic liberation resulting from Magisterial missions.
    • b. On Urantia the background consisted of:
      • ) Rebellion of Planetary Prince and default of Adam and Eve.
      • ) Retardation of planet; "On an average world the post-Adamic dispensation is an age of great invention, energy control, and mechanical development. This is the era of the appearance of multiform manufacturing and the control of natural forces; it is the golden age of exploration and the final subduing of the planet. Much of the material progress of a world occurs during this time of the inauguration of the development of the physical sciences, just such an epoch as Urantia is now experiencing. Your world is a full dispensation and more behind the average planetary schedule. [52:3.6]
      • 3) We have had no Magisterial mission; "On normal and loyal planets this age opens with the mortal races blended and biologically fit. There are no race or color problems. Literally all nations and races are of one blood. The brotherhood of man flourishes, and the nations are learning to live on earth in peace and tranquility"."During the closing ages of this dispensation, society begins to return to more simplified forms of living. The complex nature of an advancing civilization is running its course, and mortals are learning to live more naturally and effectively"."The termination of this age, on an ideal world, witnesses the fullness of a great religious awakening, a world-wide spiritual enlightenment." [52:4.1]


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